Mantra of healing worthless?

I used to love mantra of healing.. when i used it i would pretty much come backto full health. now in act 4 of hell, it doesnt even do 1/10 of my health(i have 22k health, lvl 59) and now that the boon is nerfed, there is absolutely NO reason to use it ever again.
I've swapped out of it in my build. I run with a group so I'm kicking between evasion for my persona benefit or conviction for the group. As much as I loved BoP, as it was a massive boost in our shaky ability to survive, I can only hope that these nerfs will result in gains elsewhere so that monks can be what they were advertised as.

Maybe others like it but I find mantra spamming awful as a mechanic. Buff the full time passives and remove the on use benefit, let monks spend their spirit in more engaging abilities.
ive been using it all the way through nightmare and act 1,2,3 hell.
i must say, the sooner you use it, the better it is, later on hell difficulty it becomes underpowered and almost useless, why almost ? Because we played as a team, monk and barb (lots of life) plus a wizard and demon hunter (much less life). the last two ended up being saved countless times because of this life regen, since they have less health.

But i agree, my monk has 26k life and i dont even see my life bar go higher as the mantra is used...
Why do i always get the class that gets not attention except for nerfing :'(
05/23/2012 02:31 PMPosted by omnic
hey hey settle down now lil buddy. They said they were going to rework boon to protection in an upcoming patch. it's still possible it could be worth using.

i wasnt qq'ing was i? lol jk, but thats at least good news.. i said it was op before, but now its just worthless. i hope they can find some balance.. maybe it heals a % of your health or something isnt of a #.. but now I cant even use my monk until they buff it back
this pisses me off the game was hard enough with the healing and I chose a healing class for a reason. WTF

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