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Alright so my previous Video card was an Ati 6850 and when i was play i got around 15 to 20 frames and thought well maybe it just bought a faulty card. So then i bought an Nvidia 560ti and thought this would fix my frame rate problem. Well it didnt and it actually got worse. So idk what im doing wrong but would like some input on this or would like a way to fix it.
well the change from your 6850 to a 560 Ti isn't ... that .. good .
the 560 Ti is indeed faster ... but not by much.

In fact the diferences are pretty small .

Post your whole pc spec so ppl can see if there is some lack of power somewere .

If not... it can only be the software fault.

and I think you should to be able to run diablo 3 very well in both the 560 Ti and the 6850
what are your computer specs?
System Model: A780L3B
BIOS: Default System BIOS
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 960T Processor (4 CPUs), ~800MHz
Memory: 16384MB RAM
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600)
Motherboard: BIOSTAR A780L3B AM3 AMD 760G Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
And have a 700 watt power supply
Wll your computer is well above what it needs to run this game. Keep in mind though several people have this issue. I can almost garuntee it's a game rendering issue and not your computer. I'm not joking when I say everyone I know who owns this game has crap performance right now.

In short a 560ti is a very strong card and should tear through diablo 3. Even my gtx 570 has the same issue.
I'm going to go ahead and guess that he is mistakenly using integrated graphics.
So your sayin i should just wait n see what happens and maybe blizz will release a patch or somethin and fix it
As in the graphics on the motherboard? cuz im pretty sure im not
I'm running a radeon hd 6870 with an i3-2120
and I'm always at 60 fps. I average 110 fps on max
graphics settings with vsync off. It can't be a hardware
problem unless you got two faulty cards (unimaginably unlucky)
Hmmm.... well idk then im kinda lost
Im hopein so
i have the same problem but 1 day i have around 150 fps the next day i have 15 fps my laptop can handle it i know it can so i think it is something to do with diablo
I am having the same issue as well

Bumping this thread for Justice.
I am having the same issue as well

Bumping this thread for Justice.

Justice? Justice has fallen! Lol, but really these performance issues are pain and need to get fixed. If the system exceeds the recommended specs then there is no excuse for the game to run poorly or inconstantly. I also have performance drops on a system that should smoke the game.
GTX 580 1.5gb
AMD Phenom II X4 @3.4ghz
8gb RAM
Win 7 64bit

This game can still turn into a stutter mess during 4 player games in a lot of action.

I've assigned the GPU to handle PhysX, no Vsync enabled ( I see frames get into the 200s sometimes, rather have Tears then Stutter) Game Booster on, CPU was overclocked to 4ghz returned to default 3.4 made my game perform better. Single Display Mode, and maximum performance mode. Keeping MSI up in the background to control clocks and fans.

I also used AMD Overdrive to force High CPU Priority for the D3 process, as i'd see it drop to Below Normal several times which is no bueno for a 3D game!

Even with the game running "smooth" for now, i can still drop from 150ish FPS to 30-40 during large fights. Its not too noticeable but it does cause a bit of stutter. Here's hoping they fix it very soon!

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