Nerfed purple boss act 4 inferno?

Demon Hunter
Is anybody else getting yellow drops? So far ive only gotten blues after 20+ runs with 170% MF
Talking about the aspects? I haven't gotten !@#$ today either.
Think it was hotfixed.
yeah the aspects. if they did hotfix it will they say so? and also where are u supposed to get 1k dps weapons now that they nerfed the spot where most AH people got it from.

edit: hit 50+ runs 0 rares F U blizzard
Spent a couple hours doing this at ~120% MF and the only rare I got was some supremely awful barbarian belt. Everything else has been garbage blues.
Got a 1260 DPS weapon 4 hours ago.
I've had two rares drop today out of 50+ runs. Nothing good though.
I get the occasional rare and had depth diggers (legendary pants) drop today.

206% MF
Did a skel king run and it dropped me 4 rares and 7 blues. 190 MF with buff.
Does mf even affect these bosses? I've ran it about 30+ runs today switching from 40% mf to 199% mf gear and i can't even see any difference in loots.
should be coz nephalem valor affects drops
Nurfed everyone is reporting the streams of inferno farming spots and they are getting hotfixed same with azmodian powerlvl strat.
they never dropped a lot of rares... they have extremely low tier loot tables, like all other non-main storyline purple bosses

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