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Try it now DracoSwag, and see if the issue persists.
I bought diablo 3 a week ago , when will i be able to use the full game ? , the 72 hours is long gone now , and still no full game !
Alright so I've payed for the full-version of Diablo III through Paypal and received an email that the payment has been verified to my email.
Now yes, the game lets me play past the Skeleton King, but the issues I'm having are: I can't share items with friends, nor have any access to the auction-house or any other options available in the full-version of the game. Could you please tell me why? I’d really appreciate an answer back, thank you.

: I have same problem
Try resetting your password and see if it forces the cache to update and see your have a full game version. If that fails, let me know.
Thx , got the problem solved :)
I'm having the same issue, after i bought the box set and successfully enter the game code. When i start to play, it still ask me to upgrade and won't allow me to further my game. Tried the change password method, Error 73 occurred... please help.
Ermmm.. Hi... Erm i had Bought Diablo 3 too. and I have the Paypal receipt. However, i dont have the ability to retrieve the Full Version after i switched my Computer. Is there anyway that i could retrieve it? I can show you the Paypal receipt via email if you needed....

(P.S. i bought the game a day or two after release.)
Happening here too, tried the password change method with no luck. Sucks to see a problem lasting for years that's still unsolved..
i bought diablo 3 3days ago and it still says diablo 3 starter edition.
Hey Nikko,

I did not see any purchase on your account for Diablo III so I take it that you purchased a physical copy of the game. After purchasing a physical copy of Diablo III you will need to claim the Diablo III authentication key on your Blizzard account here. The key is usually located on or in the dvd case.

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