Game says up to date but then not...

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The launcher says I'm up to date and I definitely remember installing the patch... But then I go to log in and it says there's a patch available and exits me out of the game. Of course this opens the launcher again which says I'm up to date....

Yay! Loop!
Same here, FIX THIS!
ME too!!!! wthh i have been waiting for 11 to come so i can login and now i cant even log in??
Same here\. The exact message I get is
"A new patch for Diablo 3 is Available. The game will now close and apply the patch automaticly. You will be able to continue playing after the patch has been applied." Then it kicks me out and sit a bout a minute then I get the message "Diablo 3 is already running." I click ok and get kick out completely!
mine is saying the same thing, im trying to call support but theres a 30 min wait time
Same problem here. Restart comp, not helping.
Same here. still stuck in loop
Same here...
Same problem. Perhaps they should've waited another 10 years to release the game.
I am also stuck in this accursed loop.
please learn your time zones.

11am pacific is

2pm eastern

1pm central

noon mountain
Diablo 3 community is the dumbest? You should see the WOW community, makes this community seem like rocket scientists
hahahahahahahahahahahah these people are so dumb. i feel so bad for blizzard that the vocal majority of this game are ignorant children who can't take 10 minutes to put 2 and 2 together.



















800 posts about the same issue. diablo 3 community you are the dumbest

Instead of being beligerent, just post this:
Oh really?
I'm playing on European servers, those are up...
I have the same error and no way to fix the thing -_-
my .50ct:

Some client check the software version against the US servers even though they are in the EU. I have this problem since I have the enUS version of the installer, not the enGB version.

The EU servers are UP! but... my client checked its version against the US server and patched itself. It now tries to login against the EU servers (that are UP, I am talking to you IceMasta) and gets confused since its the wrong version of the software (compared to the servers (which are UP BTW!)) and thinks it has to update. It starts the launcher which checks against the US servers and see that everything is hunky-dory... 10 goto 10. My guess is that a fresh install is the only way out untill the EU servers are up to date to.

This might not be 100% how the gotcha works but im sure its pretty close.

Check server status here:

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