How to buy diablo 3 digital ver. from CHINA

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I live in China and used a Chinese credit card (VISA) to pay for a digital version of D3. Blizzard accepted my money (confirmed with a text message from the bank) and I played normally for a about 10 hours and then I got disconnected. When I logged back in, my account got downgraded to "starter's edition" and they sent back my money and emailed me telling me that my transaction failed (no explanation). Thinking that it's some kinda minor internal issue I tried to pay for it the same way again. The money went through and I was given my game license back.

10 hours later, I got downgraded back to starter's again except. I did not receive the money back yet but I got the "transaction failed" email. How do I buy the global version of D3 with a Chinese credit card (it's all i got)?

tldr just take my damn money and give me the game
Alright I just paid for the game through pay pal and FYI this is the third attempt at this transaction. I use this credit card online on a daily basis so I'm pretty sure it works. The only problem is that it's a Chinese credit card and I just learned that blizzard has certain restrictions with direct credit card payments. I'm hoping that paying the game through paypal can alleviate this issue.

btw they still did not refund my second payment

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