Effective Health Calculation

Dear BB friends, I have collate some data and hope this help:

a) Damage reduction of element attack = (17.13*ln(Resists)-43.53)/100 %
b) Damage reduction from armor = (17.13*ln(Armor/10)-43.53)/100 %
Let's call the equation F(X)

2) Effective Health = Health / ( (1-F(Resists)*(1-F(Armor/10) )
EH represent the damage you can take.

3) Please do not blindly stack health or resists, the most important thing is to get the
maximum EH.

4) I am currently working on adding health regen into the equation, however, it will add
the combat time into consideration, which is difficult to determine. I am also working
on the attack and EH ration, so that BB can dealt significant amount of damage while
maintain a sufficient EH

5) The EH ideas come from some previous thread. Thanks!! Hope all BB ROCK !!
So does that mean that 10 points in Armor = 1 point in Resist for your "EH"? im having issues trying to determine what stats i can lower to accuire the resist requirements. I have act 1 inferno on farm for the last 4 days and now am trying to gear up for act 2. Any help would be great. thanks

These are the calculations I am using include an excel sheet
That is a great link. thanks Taedas!!

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