Does anyone ever getgood gear for THEMSELVES?

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I know it is all RNG....but when it is 9 out of 10 gears all have int/dex on it and that 1 out of 10 gear is not even a side grade, that gets me down

oh well, if trading is part of the game, so be it...

still like to see a little better RNG than that tho...
05/31/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Nipplez
So would you rather go back to D2 and try to find somebody to trade with you instead of having a simple AH method where gold actually has value in this game?


Maybe... Ill give D3 a shot for a while longer.. maybe it will grow on me. Shame they didnt keep d3 closer to d2 in terms of items/farming/trading.
I've found a couple of rares that have actually helped me. Otherwise I have purchased things off of the AH.
05/31/2012 01:57 PMPosted by olbaid
You always want what you can't have, accessibility ruining this game.

No I don't.

Maybe your concept of pleasure has some kind of self-denial that mine doesn't.
I've found some good rare for my wiz which I still use it, prob wont replace it anytime soon.
05/31/2012 01:47 PMPosted by StarStorm
So would you rather go back to D2 and try to find somebody to trade with you instead of having a simple AH method where gold actually has value in this game?

You mean go back to D2 where you could actually find your own items?
I completely agree, nerfing drops and forcing us to rely on the auction house takes 1/2 of the fun away :(
This is the aspect of ARPGs that is missing. There is always something better on the AH for dirt cheap. You do no work yourself, never have any "Oh nice drop can't wait to equip that" moment. Maybe once in a blue moon but again there is always something better on the AH.

Your'e never improving yourself, always relying on other players.

I've gone DIY from the start.

If you enjoy AH, that's fine. I just prefer getting gear the old Diablo way. Besides, if you get uber stuff, you tend to rely on it. I'm learning a lot about what skills work and don't work, and I actually have to use some strategy.

Besides, like you said, those AH items have to be found at some point.

Call me old fashioned.
05/31/2012 02:04 PMPosted by Aurora
find barbarian gear all the time, it just always has intelligence on it. Most often on Mighty Weapons

You too, eh? I also find a lot of dexterity on wizard only wands and loads of strength on demon hunter only crossbows.

I seem to have a knack for finding str+int. >.< Can't even sell that garbage on the AH.
Easy solution is to make servers available to people with no AH if they want to go that route.

Some people like it, others don't. Let people choose for themselves
05/31/2012 02:03 PMPosted by BannedName


Its already in the game. Use chat channels, trade in public games. Youll soon realize why the AH is better though.

Well my only problem is the drops are centred around the AH, so that means, if I understood Bioshock correctly (I may not have, lol), that the chances of me finding good gear for myself in game are extremely slim, which makes the AH seem mandatory, or trading with others, etc. I never traded in D2 with - never needed to - because the loot was nice, and I still completed the game in all modes all by my lonesome. Which I may be able to do in D3, if I continue on with it. If the AH was gone, the elite packs would be worth the effort because the loot would be better.

Indeed, I find myself growing bored with the game and I couldn't put my finger on it, but it may be the feeling of "what's the point?" in mowing down monsters when I'll get nothing for it; just my personal feeling though. I don't want to browse the auction house for gear, I want to find it myself. I've got my money's worth of fun though, so I've nothing solid to complain about.

I have no issues with the AH itself. It's a good, safe resource.
I too like the old way, offline mode that has no interaction with online mode.
I loved Diablo I and II where I did have a good chance to find something awesome and have that 'Wow!' moment of 'Coooool, I am equiping this right away!' and on top of that totally soaking in the story as if I am there for real.

Now though in this part I do not really have that feel of really being in some great story and adventure, and often the gear or weapons that drop have either the strangest stats you do not need or have terribly low stats like 8 str while you are level 30.
On top of that rare yellows that drop for me often are worthless and way lower (the merely 8str and such) then my normal blue ones and a legendary has not dropped yet either, though that could also just merely be having the example of 8str.

Like Alkalinesolo said, there are people (including me) who love to soak up an in depth story (more and longer then this one is now) and live through that adventure as if really there yourself, finding that awesome weapon or legendary armor in some room or from some boss.

Often since some years, well.. the western world does not get such real great awesome story rpg's anymore which is a real miss for some of us.
We (and/or I) are the ones who do not care about achievements and such, it's empty and void to us, what we like is this long epic story and adventure you can't pull yourself out of where we alone are playing as if we truly are there, soaking it all in, finding our legendary armor or weapons and materia (like Ultima, knights of the round and such as an example from a certain game most oldschool rpg-ers know).

Indeed do create an offline Diablo with a longer more in depth story and legendary armor in some room like in Diablo 1 etc for those who want that that in no way can go to nor interact with the online game.
That way us oldschool rpg lovers have what we miss and hoped for with this part of Diablo too, and the ones who love online gaming, Auction House and achievements have the thing they like.
Perfect solution.
I got myself a good wand this morning. I also have found many good rings.

Either way, it doesn't matter. If there were no AH people would still be buying/selling things, except that they would be doing it on a third-party website.

This. Totally this. I am willing to bet people will still use third party sites even with the in game RMAH and gold AH.

I also equip gear I find quite a bit. Just got me a new asi/dex ring with some MF yesterday.

Furthermore, if you want the D2 experience, use the trade channel. It is already filled with WTB/WTS spam and this way blizz doesn't get to take their cut, if that is what you are worried about. I suspect this will be the norm when it comes to big money items.

15% of 10k gold isnt a big deal, but 15% of 20 million gold might be more painful to lose.
Anyone pretending that loot farming was any different in Diablo 2 is completely delusional, even more so prior to D2:LoD when then Uniques became the goto loot and rares became garbage. Even then the chances you found a unique for your class were slim and you had to trade for runes or sojs and uniques you wanted.

No one geared their characters out in end game gear without trading.

If you all havent noticed the diversity for stats at lower levels is much smaller. Items have less modifiers they can roll, so its much more likely to find something you can use at lower levels. It becomes harder as you progress through the game.
05/31/2012 01:49 PMPosted by BigDGeorge

Yes actually


What ever happened to real community and player interaction in games?

That's a very good question

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