Patched today Items gone

Bug Report
Have not played in a couple days and I logged on today and the character I was playing has no items or gold of any kind....they have all vanished. My inventory my stash...everything. I have two other characters that seem to have the items they were wearing at least but nothing in stach and no gold. Not sure what happened or why but I would like to have those items back if possible.
Any help would be appreciated
This happened to me also. Either there is an issue with the patch, or you got hacked.
from what i have read i have gotten hacked....this is why i didnt want to have to be online to play a single player game. i have never been hacked in all my years of gaming
I lost gold only and started at Tristram instead of act II. I don't think I was hacked, I think this was a patch bug.
i hope so i really do
i just lost all my items and gold , sadly, after all the hard work i've done to earn those gold

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