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yea SAME problem here

I have a DH and when i just got 5 NV aproximately the game disconnects and i have to start all over again. This happenned after patch 1.04, before that nothing like this
Pls anyone help
I got the same error after new patch.

Was looking forward to play again, but NO!
Anyone know why we get the error?
Yap the problem its for my only a Demon Hunter when i play with DH i geting this crap error 316704,game freez,game stuck,game random crash.With other classes when i play there are no problem just DH have this faking anoying problem error FIX IT Blizzard!!!
Same , regular random DCs, sometimes when i write to someone and it doesnt send the message and pop up "message cant be send".. "disconected bla bla" or just lagging for a sec and DC .. and no, it is not my internet connection cuz same thing happens even when connected to another network.. anyone care to respond this thread?
WTF i can't join any party, can't whisper my friends.
But when i create the game, my friend can join my party.
hmm same here. I finally got to Hell Mode and couldn't enter the game playing solo or with friends.....why has there not been a fix for this? Or a solution? Seems like this has been going on for months now for other players...
Blizz gods, I have been having this error EVERYDAY since 1.04.
Please fix it - I wasting alot of RL time logining and re-logining in and when finally in, i'm kicked out again within a few minutes (or less!). My internet connection has no problem!!
same problem here, now that we've established that the problem is on blizzard's end, is there any noise about a patch to fix this crap?
Getting this right now
Add another windows user to the lists. Hey Blizz whats the problem?
I have the same problem , even with the demo invitation version, and now with the normal game. It happens every time I play, at least twice per day I get kicked, and have to restart game. Using Win7 Ult. 64-bit, very good spec PC.
Happens me repeatedly since 1.0.4 patch. Really frustrating after you've worked hard to get 5 NV or are close to completion of a quest. I'm on European server and have noticed that it does not happen during the day but is particularly common from about 18.30-20.30 which may be associated with high traffic on the server. I'm playing on Mac OSX. Blizzard don't seem interested in doing anything about it ... another reason to give up on this game.
This is a HUGE problem. It is incredibly bad that I get kicked out of my game 10 times in one session! Some programmer better come up with a way to maintain the game and restore it after the hiccup instead of laying it at the customer's feet.

I could almost accept this quality in a multiplayer mode, but, are you KIDDING??!?? In Single Player Mode? I didn't buy this game for its online gameplay so much as just to play it myself. Single Player 90% Multiplayer 10%. Give me back my Diablo II!

You guys took 10 years and this is the best you can do?

I am having issues that the game keep on disconnecting me. what is going on here?
Me to Error 316704, or 3007, or 3006! Or many-many disconnect!!!

I repent that i pay 40€!!!

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