Tips for NM grouping, feedback on spec

Demon Hunter
Just started NM and grouping, I'm finding good players, but most people go for DPS and don't stack any vitality, there was a barb with 2k and I have about 4k with 350 dps.

I find if I don't put a good amount of vitality, I die easy especially in groups on bosses.

So can some higher level DH's have a look at this spec I want to get through NM with and give some feedback, much appreciated.!bXf!ZZZbZZ
Unfortunately I don't have any group experience, but I've been soloing NM no problem. I have to admit the start was a bit rough, surprised by the sudden jump in champions though boss fights felt easier.!bef!baZZaa

That's my build; I occasionally switch out for impale with burn for bosses. Though I'd imagine in groups; my goal would be to stay alive and stay out of the fray by shooting from afar (Common sense, I figure) and when things come my way pop smoke and keep firing. As for vitality, I don't bother much with it, after watching a friend play and watching him get 1 shot in inferno and hell, I figure unless I can get an insane amount of health or sick armor; I'm probably going to get 1 shot regardless, might as well stack damage so that I might kill them just a bit faster.
Toten; where is your AOE? Take out the mediocre FoK and put multishot in.
Get Caltrops! Torturous Ground saves lives.

You need an AoE. Almost all of them are viable so it's up to you.

Use Archery and Steady Aim as passives. Cull the Weak is also good but there are others if you wish.
thanks for the response guys, I am leaving aoe out maybe aside from caltrops to help my group and trying to focus on single target DPS and survivability

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