Movement Speed option broken

Bug Report
When you search for an armor with the Movement Speed attribute, if you enter any # amount for the minimum value, it returns no results.

For instance, if you search 'all armor' for a minimum attribute of +1 movement speed, it returns 0 results, even though there are plenty of boots that have more than 1 movement speed.

I found this bug while searching for items for my demon hunter.
I haven't tried myself, but since it's a percentage, does it allow you to search for "%1" ?
No, it does not allow percentages.
For instance, if you select magic find as the attribute, you enter '10' and not '10%' nor '%10'.

Also, when potions are on cool down, and you attempt to use another potion, the character says 'my health is full', even if your health is not full. The character should say something along the lines of 'I cannot do that'. Not really a bug... not sure where I would post this small mistake. Defiantly not a priority in terms of things to be fixed :p

Pick me to beta test next time :)

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