Broken buff timers.

Bug Report
So, I played the beta extensively and didnt notice this issue. I did notice once the game went live. My wizard character is how I noticed it. He has a passive ability that reduces all the cooldowns by 15%.

Here is the issue, i had to actually open up the stop watch on my phone and time the cooldowns, and after doing so, not a single one of my spells or tool tips or cooldowns changed at all. This is either a bug that the passive ability doesnt work right, or very broken tool tips.

But upon noticing this, i wanted to point out something that i hadnt noticed until this either. The tool tips are great in diablo 3 blizzard, except for 1 thing. There is little to no information regarding the cool downs. It just says "15 seconds" and thats it. If i equip something that makes my cooldowns all go down by 15%, and this is a major part of wizard gameplay, then where is all the coding work that will make my tooltip say 13.5 minutes instead of 15. There is no reason why i should ever have a stop watch open to make sure something i just did in game is actually working properly, which it wasnt. If this is a bug, im glad to bring it to your attention. If its not a bug, then i suggest going back and doing a little work on this area. I think that you guys tried to take a short cut by going with "115% weapon damage" on all the tooltips instead of having numbers that changed in them. But i WANT numbers to change in the tooltip if the situation calls for it.
I feel the need to add this though. After waiting this long to play this game, and having this one thing be the only issue of any kind that i have been able to find in the game, I'm very impressed. You did fantastic work Blizz, and the game works and plays great. Just, update the tooltips for the wizard spell Evocation a little bit please.
Yeah I got confused a bit when I saw my Arcane Orb had the same cast cost with the runed diamond skin, and runed storm armor up that should have reduced the cost by 10. While I saw it did in fact use the modified values, I wish it would display them on the tooltips.

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