Character animation desync on dodge

Bug Report
Summary: When my character (monk) dodges an attack, most of the times it's animation and movement will "desync" from what truly happens in game.

It's a bit hard to explain. I'm playing a monk. Whenever I'm comboing and I dodge an attack (which happens often, you know), my monk "resets" his actual animations and follows with the next attack - but on real environment, attacks animations happen different from what my monk is doing, forcing me to stop to actually see what combo stage I'm in. If I try to move while this bug is happening, my monk starts to stutter and consistently "teleport" to original location, like the server "thinks" I'm still attacking. It's a little hard to explain.

To reproduce this, simply play a monk and combo (expecially with different skills), waiting to dodge an attack. When this happens, most of the times the bug will also.

This is causing a lot of problems in Inferno, you know.

(Sorry for the possible cheap english)

EDIT: I would like to add: it's not only a problem of combos, it happens with every other skill I use after dodging. It simply is more noticeable with combos.

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