haste on Captain Crimson's Codpiece failing

Bug Report
I have a set of Captiain Crimson's Codpiece (set item, default stats includes "increases attack speed by 10-11%"). This attack speed buff is not being applied to my character sheet / DPS. My other attack speed items (legendary ring w/ 8%, quiver w/ 11%) are working properly. I have tried the pants without these other speed buffs as well with no result.

Please note also that the haste ability is worded differently on these other items. It is "Attack Speed Increased by x%".

There are 2 different types of attack speed. One is global and increases attack speed on your character in general, and one is specific to the item.

It sounds like your Codpiece has the item specific attack speed, and as you're not attacking with it, no bonus is provided.

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