Nerfed SS bugged?

Demon Hunter
Is it just me or does it seem like the Smoke Screen even with the lingering fog rune still only lasts 2 seconds? I've compared it with Shadow Power which only has a duration of 3 seconds and it lasts longer than Smoke Screen

Am I going crazy?
That's the point.

2 seconds - 1 second = 1 second.

3 seconds - 1 second = 2 seconds.

Current new durations with and without Lingering Fog Rune.
Apparently that's how it's supposed to be. They don't update tooltips, it's way more important to ruin all the fun. 2 Sec with rune 1 sec without.
nope they just nurfed it. making the extra hatred rune while in ss completely useless...
GG blizzard..
Well, with enabled advanced tooltips, the un-runed duration is 2, and the runed duration is 3.

Pretty sure it was way longer, like 5 seconds runed, and 3 seconds un-runed
no, they nerfed it by 1 second so you can't chain smoke screen now.
meh, guess its time to resort to sentry turrets with guardian turret, and shadow power with gloom, thanks all!
Nah, it was 2 without the rune and 3 with. They just nerfed it. I was literally in-game when it happened. Restarted the quest to reset the map to get more mobs to get my lvl to 55 for my new equipment, and instantly noticed that it didn't last long at all.

I of course was a little pissed off at the sudden change, as I was trying to meet a goal before the maintenance kicked me off. Was able to cheese my way through the last bar. It didn't affect me so much, as I just started using that build last night. And it was pretty cheesy now that I think about it, and it should be nerfed, but I'm sure there is a much better way to nerf it than what they did. It makes the skill pretty useless as a defensive skill. They should've made it longer, but added a cooldown if anything.

Eh, I'll just revert to what I was doing before, and get used to dieing all the time again. xD
This is really dumb that they did this forcing us to play with others but most of the time pug groups have no idea what they are doing so they just ruined DH for me thank you blizzard FAIL
It's 1 sec without the rune and 1.5 sec witht the rune

Official website posted hotfix notification few hours or mins ago.
they don't have a new patch, so the tooltip can't be updated because it's on the client side
Durp. Not happy. Switching from my 60 DH to the truly OP char in all PvM Diablo gaming (minus Act4 Hell Mode PrePatch in D2) THE BARBARIAN!! ...Durp

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