Auction House, Buying for Wrong Price!

Bug Report
This issue seems to be mainly for hot items that sell really fast like gems and crafted materials/pages/tomes. I'll use my recent gem experience.

I was searching for an Emerald and saw the price at 8000, clicked Buy, and on the confirmation popup it still said 8000 so I confirmed and the purchase went through, however I ended up paying 9600.

My guess is that the one I wanted sold fast and I ended up paying for the next in line.
OR there is some exploit where someone can put a gem up for sale and continuosly change the price. I'm not sure I haven't tried it

Either way, if I'm confirming for 8k the system should not let me purchase it at 9.6k.
PS: This happens very often.
I don't know if its the same bug, but I've been getting gem auctions that go through instantly (well, it lags out then a few minutes later appears as 'sold') but the price the game claims it sold for is typically quite different from the actual value returned to the player!
I've also experienced this last night.

I bought 3 perfect square rubys one after another from the same buyout link for I think it was 7000 gold, and when I went to check the completed auctions, they were each 9999 gold. That's almost 10k gold more than what I thought I was paying.

I've also had gem auctions sell literally after I clicked the sell button. This happened for the square rubys that I had just purchased.

@Silben when you say the amount of gold returned to you is different from the price the item sold for, are you taking into account the %15 transaction fee? Or is it a random difference.
The AH is getting hammered. It happens many times if you sell crafting materials or gems at below market price. They'll sell very fast. It's either real users needing the items or other players buying low so they can sell higher.

There are tons of people buying/selling on the AH and playing the market. I've tried it myself, but the AH is so buggy that I gave up. Between errors popping up and buying things for the wrong value I lost patience. Is it against the TOS to play the market on the AH? Just curious.
05/23/2012 10:12 AMPosted by Deithe
Is it against the TOS to play the market on the AH? Just curious.

Not against the TOS to "play" the market. Its a really good way to make money. Use an exploit that is cheating players through the AH? I would guess that it is.

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