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so im throwing up a bunch of auctions. I put a buy out on said items. I wait until my auctions go live. I do filter search for my items to make sure they are competitively priced. My items do not show up. I know for a fact my items do not show up because the buyout price I put my item up for is skipped over.

Now i have no idea whats going on with my items. I cannot put new items up on the AH because these auctions are still "active" in my AH log.

this is a SERIOUS bug.
please advise.
A lot of people are having similar experiences, seemingly at random. There's definitely an issue, but there hasn't been any sort of response about it (or any other of the many reported AH issues).
I know that if you choose to sort for the lowest buyout price, it will give you all the items WITHOUT a buyout price listed. usually there are so many items that you can't get to the page that has your items. This has happened to me a few times. You should just go to your Auctions tab and see if it is listed there as that lists ALL of your auctions that you have.
+1 there a bug... here my experience...

I added a belt with lots of +STR
somehow it lagged + timeout when i registered it...
I log out and log back in, the item is registered in the AH but still in my inventory.
If a friend try to buy the item that I added, he get timeout and can't buy it.

the item expired today, I have no idea if it created a dupe or not as I believed I npced the previous belt.

I also experienced a similar issue, I added an item with buyout price and figured after 12h that it wasn't selling. I went on my friend account to buy my own item so it would free a spot and I would just loose 15% of my gold (it was priced cheap).
I couldn't find it... it was really disappointing... had to wait for it to expire...

AH was really crucial on first 2-5 days of launch...
Having such error was really annoying because you get locked out of AH for 48h.
I don't get why we can't cancel our own item and loose 15% gold.
This way we aren't prone to spam the system and it free during the first 5 minutes...

Best would be to fix the AH issues, I know you are working on it.
But also enabling to cancel any item at anytime would be appreciated.
A fee after 5 minutes is acceptable, but at least giving us the option...

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