Clipping bug / glitch - act II inferno

Bug Report
I was just fighting a "Champion" or "Elite" ?(Golden, with minions) mob, with some of the traits being waller and horde, which are probably the only important ones regarding this bug. I was questing in the "Desolate Sands", and came across this guy... I retreated back towards a crevice or crack in the ground, and he threw up a wall around me. The wall eventually went away visually, but I still couldnt move passed where it was. I couldnt use revenge, frenzy or charge, I could only use WoTB and ignore pain, and could attack with the basic attack.

Now keep in mind, this guy would have killed me if not for the bug. Several times. Eventually, using ignore pain with reflect, his minions died, and he was slowly dieing too, but I still could not move or use any skills that actually kept me alive, I just didnt die. It looked like I was regenerating a lot of health and dodging/blocking most of his attacks. As I could only swing at him with the generic attack, I hit the enrage timer, got the debuff, and was reduced to 1 hp a little while after that - but I still didnt die. It was only after hitting T to see if I could portal back that i instantly died...

long story short, just another clipping bug amongst many ive encountered. thought id take the time to report this one, as it was especially weird

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