300k+ dps, +Spec and Farming Suggestions

Demon Hunter
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Terror if you dont mind can you please post each of your items I am very interested to build as I am stuck with 98dps atm >< and that shoulder of yours ! what is it? looks awesome! if you dont mind can you let me add you in game and inspect and have a few words please?
Terror, I almost outbid you on that amulet..=)
how could u do that !!!! also legendary stuff + good stat are incredible!
Well that Ammy was what crossed the 300k line for me :) so thanks for err not winning!
how much would your dps drop if you equip a ~1200dmg xbow ?
Did anyone notice that he's got the Vault passive, but no vault?
I have 47k DPS and around 100 with SS and can solo inferno pony minus invulnerable or reflect damage affix. Sometimes I can do reflect, it depends and I don't know why. Haven't got to act 4 yet =/

The reason his DPS is so high because almost all of his gear will be providing critical hit damage bonus and it looks like he has a lot of IAS as well.
05/31/2012 10:11 AMPosted by Twondsucks
Did anyone notice that he's got the Vault passive, but no vault?

Stop being a noob and read the ability.
I might believe he bought gold because he's obviously carried by gear and pre nerf ss. "I don't stutter step I ss and turret with 300k dps" is horrid.

I solo cleared inferno with 7 k life and no resistance. 90k dps with sharpshooter fully stacked. The only champ pack I skipped in the entire game was invulnerable minion demon terrors. Yeah empty invulnerable bubbles chasing me down a walkway... f that. The vast majority of it post nerf and I didn't buy anything from the AH until azmodan ( i bought a 900 dps xbow with crit hit damage because I couldn't do enough dps to get the kill without an upgrade to my 550ish one. I got it for less than 900k)

This guys advice is horrible. Don't listen. DO NOT get vitality. DO NOT get resistance. DO NOT stand in one spot and turret. DO NOT get fast weapons. DO NOT buy gold and buy 30 million in gear. I have a fraction of this guys gear and kill everything he kills and probably more.

Take devouring arrow and nether tentacles. Take marked for death with the hatred regen rune. Take SS with lingering and prep with the chance to not trigger cooldown. The last slot is free to use as you see fit. I use vault in act 4 because I want to use it on diablo when i get 5 stacks up, but in other acts I used spike traps when I felt like I needed more front loaded dps on elites. I would recommend against fear arrows as NT is superior damage and with proper play it's not required. You'll feel a lot better having NT when u kill 5 elite packs and have a 5 stack heading into a boss fight.

This build works on every elite pack and every boss. Get 5 stacks - kill the boss. Get critical hit damage and boots WITH RUNSPEED and stutter step like a boss with a slow 2h crossbow. Stutter step in circles around ranged elites that throw fire or guys like soul lashers. If you do it right they miss every attack. If you get hit you failed and need to play better, it's that simple. NO VITALITY - NO RESISTANCE. If you're up against really tough elites - separate them from the minions by using ss (or dieing if you have to) so it's only 1 fast soul lasher with vortex and not 3-4. It's easy to immune vortex / whatever when it's one mob casting it at you. If all else fails pull them to a respawn point and gy zerg them.

That is how you play a DH. Stacking VIT and RES to make up for your sloppy play and lack of skill (and I use the term loosely because stutter stepping isn't hard, any bronze league sc2 player can do it) is bad. OP makes me think the DH whiners are right because it seems like anyone can finish inferno on a DH.

If you want a video example there's a guy named hihihi who posted his diablo kill video a couple days ago that illustrates how to play properly. It sure as !@#$ isn't by getting enough life to survive a hit from diablo on inferno.... rofl.

In summary this game is really easy. I'm gonna play barb next while all the baddies who can't dodge a 1.5 second swing with a giant overhead animation and flashing lights like mike tyson punchout are switching to DH.


Pretty much this. I do want to add that the only champ packs that really give me trouble are Phase Beasts in act 3 (especially ones with teleport/fast), everything else isn't too bad once you get the hang of it.

100% agreed that weapons with IAS on them are bad. Take a look at a weapon with that stat on it. Note the base damage. Now look at a similar DPS weapon without IAS on it. Notice the big difference in base damage? IAS is amazing on rings and amulets (when coupled with crit dmg) but not so much when it's on weapons.
raserei what is your hp/armor/dodge?

27k/2300/43% over here...

Did you use a crit build? Post a pic of your stats!

No I didnt use crit build.

I used the real dmg build lol
Hey scrubs stop posting your dps with sharpshooter. It's a god awful passive and no one should use it.

I have more dps than terror, his just shows more dps because sharpshooter is figuring in "100% crit" and he stacked +Crit Damage.

When I put on my goldwrap and dex only shoulder I have 118K dps WITHOUT sharpshooter (and 21.5% crit).
SociallyAwk and Terror, mind displaying your character detailed statistics, and if possible a pic/breakdown of your gear's stat?

Would appreciate it very much. Am running 63k dps without sharpshooter atm.

Oh, do you guys bother to maintain some bonus discipline ? if so, how much? I was thinking to aim around 40-42 to be able use SS 3x if necessary.
Its amazing in a thread that is intended to help people by providing 1 type of build and play style that can be used can be met with such hostility. I have simply provided my play style that has worked for me, i am able to solo almost all elite packs and as a result been able to successfully farm.

At no point did i suggest that other play styles and builds do not work, as a matter of fact i personally believe if you have a low enough MS to allow you to stutter step without rubber banding it is a much better option to have a naturally higher crit whilst maintaining crit damage.

Unfortunately such gear are rare and too expensive so i have simply stuck with what has worked for myself personally.

Is there more effective builds/farming/strategies out there? Sure, of course i believe there are, i dont think or act like i am the best DH out there with the best DPS, i even stated in the first sentence it is a simple epeen figure.

For the people that states if you get hit by anything, like a lightning from a electrified mob you have failed, my question for you is have you played in a constant 350ms environment and have never seen on the screen yourself dying few meters away from where you got hit?

At the same time, i dont understand why i have to defend myself against accusations such as i am a gold buyer, i am simply a !@#$ player, everything i have done is wrong or even to the point that i photoshopped my dps.

At the current moment my build has worked for me personally. I enjoy the way i farm both solo and in group and it is working for me, i can make in 1 day on a regular basis around 5-6mil from the loot i obtain and some of the best gear i got was passed to friends. This is on a regular basis, when sometime a really great item comes along and i can double that earning easily.

As it stands ill leave just leave the thread for people to obtain information from my build, spec and farming routines. There are also heaps of great information for other builds and specs.
np mate, was just getting frustrating at being insulted for simply trying to help :), as matter of fact my gf is getting on nerves right now as well. Apparently staying on the phone for 30 min is the only way to show you care for her =/

I also agree on your tactics, it is a play style i really wish i could actively use, but blizz doesnt believe that people down south needs a server, and the fact 300+ ms actually heavily impacts game play.
05/31/2012 11:46 AMPosted by Terror
I also agree on your tactics, it is a play style i really wish i could actively use, but blizz doesnt believe that people down south needs a server, and the fact 300+ ms actually heavily impacts game play.

Even when I play with 20-30 ms, I still don't like stutter stepping that often in D3. Even though playing StarCraft required stutter stepping all the time, it just doesn't feel nearly as effective in D3. I think a lot of it has to do with how sharpshooter works, where letting it recharge followed by 10 crits works better then just turn and shoot.
i'm on 57k dps with SS (maybe 23 w/o) and 35k hp. I really poor lol, and looking for a place to farm. I currently in the ancient waterways in inferno act2, I can kill stuff easily, any elites.
but i would like 6 digit dps, and im not sure whether to buy or to farm. where can i farm gold if these items are difficult to get?
Hey Guys

even though this calculator is not completely accurate, but it does help show you which direction your dps will go.

For example comparing 100dex to a atk speed, or crit stat.

Check it out! it has helped me alot!


For SS, just change crit chance to 100%, havnt figured out a way to implement Steady Aim into it, as i have no idea whether it is dmg bonus on a non crit multiplied by crit dmg % or just a simple dmg bonus ontop of your crit dmg %

Another way i have tested is by borrowing a item with similar stats for example 200 dex boots, and seeing the difference it makes to my dps then returning it to the person. For example i tried a pair of boots on with 200 dex and i lost dps, but tried on a pair with 230 dex and gained dps over my Boj Angler, this helped me to see which direction i should head in for gear, when all the math gets too overwhelming.
Couldn't get past Kilocide's post.

Talking like a boss with that silver 1v1 league.

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