best bow to use for DH?

Demon Hunter
at lvl 60??

crossbow high dmg slow dps
bow mid dmg mid dps
handcross low dmg fast dps

feel like handcross would give more dps with its crazy speed they have vs crossbow thats slow but puts out little bit more dmg then handcross dose
crossbow: large consistent critical damage because of the min-max base damage.
bow: you will see small and large crits depending on base weapon damage you have.
1h xbow: sometimes you see tiny crits and sometimes decent crits because of the base damage.
05/30/2012 10:29 PMPosted by HopTortoise
Got 200 mil to spend on gear? The items to do it perfectly might not have even been found yet. Barely worth talking about because of this.

I bought 2x 1h crossbows like a week ago for 15 mill total, and they're definitely good enough to be "worth it". It's just that supply on good ones are so low that even with gold you still need to hope someone finds them.
So basically, if we can afford it, dual 1H xbows is the best possible combo for a DH right?

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