AH bug I have not seen before

Bug Report
If I go to sell:

"Only 2 auctions are allowed at one time. Please try again later when at least 1 of your auctions has ended."

I have 5 items on auction

If I go to buy:

"Only 0 items are allowed in your stash at one time. Please send items to your shared stash and try again."

I have at least 30 spaces open in my stash between two tabs.

I saw this as well. If I move an item from completed into my stash, I no longer get the stash limit bug. Still, I can't seem to list an item to save my life.

Obviously, the auction house is hosed at the moment. If it's not working right, they should just shut it down, end all auctions, and push everything back into people's stashes/inventory. Fix whatever the problem is... and then reopen it.
I have this problem as well, but there is nothing listed in my completed, and none of my auctions show.

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