7.5 dps good for hell act4?

Demon Hunter
Hello.I wanted to know if this would be good enough for act four to farm in? I am currently 48 so once I do get into hell i'm sure I will have some more dps. Thanks for your help.
Yes. 7.5dps. That's pretty leet. Are you naked?
LoL. Yes, if you're talking 7.5k at 48, you're good to go for most of hell when you hit 50. You might try A4 that way, if you can avoid everything. It may not be easily farmable, but you should be able to push through it. Obviously, any extra damage you can push will help you.
05/31/2012 03:24 PMPosted by LtShaft
Yes. 7.5dps. That's pretty leet. Are you naked?

OMG 7.5dps??? he must be one of those sharp shooter nubs. I mean I cant believe anyone would use a skill that makes them crit a lot and do massive damages all the time

I mean gosh guys, this game is supposed to be hard, stop trying to beat it.

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