How In The Hell Did They Do It?!

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Don't take this wrong, I am not trying to sound whiny, I just don't understand.

That European team beat Diablo on inferno in what 4 days? I know there are a lot of people who have been farming Act 1 inferno a lot longer than me and STILL can't survive the first quest of Act 2.

So the point is to farm gold... to buy AH gear..... that other people have gotten from Act 2-3-4?

Well how did they get there, and survive/kill enough to get the drops?

Again, I'm not complaining just seriously want to know what happened? Did they exploit something? Was there an advantage they had that that got taken away in an update?

(I'm not very adept to the game jargon so if there's anything you can explain rather than use a term please do. I had to ask someone what kiting was last night, I'm a total noob)

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