The Enchantress and the Chicken illusion

Calmly walking forward in act 2 hell, already level 60 and quite confident in my abilities to spam serenity in time to get out of any sticky situation i entered the into the farthest part of the oasis, just before you enter the final Kulle archive.

Now, the biggest baddest lagspikes hit, and i more or less laugh at it even though I'm alone in my room, because this is the "zone" inbetween zones - there are no monsters here, im safe, and for once I get to enjoy the adrenalin rush of hardcore lag without actually risking death.

Or so i thought.

When the lag finally lets go, I find myself surrounded by chickens, so many chickens. Now, this reminds me the Starcraft 2 experience of seeing the dark templar ripples when logic dictates that there can't possibly be invisible units there right now. In other words, you don't react, you don't smile, you don't freak out in the slightest. All you do, and all i did, was watch these chickens with a slightly frowned face.

Until all of a sudden, they weren't chickens anymore, they were Fallen. Fallen Fanatics. With their nasty little knifes inches away from their fat, bloating bellies.

I did manage to get serenity off just in time, but still, if i hadn't started using the enchantress only a few hours before, I'm pretty sure my monk would have been splattered across the sand out there in Act 2. Hell, I'm pretty sure that is the spike had lasted one second longer, my trusty follower wouldn't even been able to save me.

I don't usually really care about the whole "god I want to sleep with this or that character", but I can tell you this much - if I could, I would marry the enchantress.

And you probably should too, she's such a lifesaver.
My enchantress turned me into a chicken in Inferno, I wish I was kidding, I didn't die though. Was confused for a little bit thought.

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