Diablo 3 Blue screen of death

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Hey, I have recently encountered an issue, while playing Diablo 3 I can get BSOD time to time. Note that this is the only game where I have encountered this issue.

I mostly get this issue when I'm talking with someone over xfire / ventrilo (I know that the xfire overlay may cause BSOD, it has been disabled), however it can happen even if I do not speak over these particular programs and/or if they are switched off.

As i have been trying to fix myself the error contained in the BSOD itself inclined it has to do something with my HDD, I reinstalled it to my 2nd HDD, yet still the problem persisted, I have changed my SATA cables as it could be a solution, but it didn't work as well. Have error checking option (windows inbuilt), have tested my HDD's on various testing utilities (HDtune, no bad blocks, nor any other particular errors). The same goes for my RAM's I've used MEMTEST and it didn't show any errors.

Eventviewer info - The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x000000f4 (0x0000000000000003, 0xfffffa8007893b30, 0xfffffa8007893e10, 0xfffff80003384510). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\Minidump\060412-7191-01.dmp. Report Id: 060412-7191-01. (Dump files linked below)

This is my DXDIAG (note I have older NVidia driver as I thought that the video drivers could have caused that, but as it appears it wasn't their fault and just haven't updated them afterwards) http://failiem.lv/down.php?i=vewwhcp&n=DxDiag.txt
Minidump - http://failiem.lv/down.php?i=sflvqvc&n=060312-7300-01.dmp
Minidump - http://failiem.lv/down.php?i=pypydfb&n=060412-7191-01.dmp

Computer info
GPU - Asus GTX570 CU II
MOVO - Asus P8P67-M
CPU - I5-2500K (Sandybridge)
PSU - 800W Xilence
RAM - 8GB Kingston (4x2GB)
HDD - SSD OCZ Vertex 30GB (only windows)
HDD - 1TB Samsung
HDD - 1TB WD Black Caviar

Well you're currently the only people who can save me, don't let me down blizz tech -_-

And if you need any additional info, please, ask!
just wondering if your problem is anything like mine:

Doesn't look related to my issue, according to the screen you have provided I would check for the temperatures of your video card and/or downclocking a little bit (to double check whether Power Supply Unit can manage your system under "pressure")

I have a flat BSOD, before it happens, skype shuts down, sometimes sound disappears and then it happens, I do not have any abnormalities on my screen.

trust me i have checked for overheating issues. that picture is actually d3 in windowed mode, with hwmonitor behind it saying my temperature is 56c

edit: ive also tried underclocking, with no success.
In the screen it looks not like the GPU is overheating but GPU RAM, try lowering freq for them (usually they do not have temp. sensors), other then that I do not have a clue what else could it be.
I' ve been 5 days in Israel and meanwhile no possible solutions/fixes.

Nice response time blizzard!
Having the same problem. new computer. no overheat issues. only getting bsod with diablo 3 running. one time i opend it and closed it and waited a while... it still happend with D3 closed. maybe its the agent in the background? no clue here obviously. but help would be nice
Yup, I've been getting BSOD trying to play D3 for a few days now, good times : S
Please Patch Blizzard.
06/10/2012 02:49 PMPosted by Faxanadu
Please Patch Blizzard.

I agree, I really want to play but all D3 does it cause my PC to crash and BSOD. What the flip did they implement in patch 1.0.2 that could cause such failure?

I am having the same issue. It is now getting worse. As soon as I launch it BSLOD anywhere from immediate launch to the hero screen.

i have replaced or upgraded almost everything in my computer. this is ridiculous.
Right now im watching The Bachelorette with my wife. this is F ing BS blizzard!!!!!!!!!!
Whoa i'm so happy i ran int your post, cheers!
I have (had?) similar issues but i've tested a bit without running ventrilo and so far so good!
I play hardcore mode exclusively and since a couple of days ago i have had many seemingly unfixable BSOD's over and over.
But just now i even managed to play upto SK in inferno again without one, it might've been a fluke but i'm hoping for the best although it's not ideal to play without running ventrilo.

I've just bought new parts for my computer, and for the first time managed to install D3 and I've tried it. I had no problems for 1-2 hours until I got back to New Tristram, after saving Cain, and then the screen turned to a weird picture (like random pixels draw horizontal lines on the screen) for a second then blue screen (memory dump and such). As it is a new machine I consider if it is a hardware problem, or D3 causes it... I will test it further and check back later to see how you guys manage to get by with this error...
amd athlon 3.4 am3
asrock motherboard
16 Gb memo (corsair, 4x4)
radeon 6670 (2 Gb)
seagate 1 Tb hdd
It seems there are many players experiencing these wonderful and unusual crashes/BSODs and 10 second black screen lags. I myself seem to be getting the last in junction with that shattered glass pattern or maybe the text reversal image. I dont know what to call it but it was a shock the other day when it happened.
I have just upgraded my machine last week from an XFX XXX-Edition GTS 8800 640mb, to a pair of Gigabyte GTX 550Ti cards each with 1 gb memory. These cards run great but it seems Diablo III don't. I have read a lot of posts showing that many different cards also get these if not some but all of them, but I have yet to see a fix or even a partial fix. I thought it might have been 1 of my 2 cards was defective but found out that was not the case. Hope you guys fix this issue soon, I just got Diablo III 2 weeks ago and only played a couple of hours worth so far.
try this:
I have been having the same issues as well. Then i noticed today i have been running for hours without any issues. When my buddy logged in and we started to play, i turned ventrilo on for comms. Not less than a hour later. BSOD, Restarted turned vent on, reconnected, an hour later and BSOD again. Then i decided to play without ventrilo on and not a single crash for the rest of the night.

so now i need to figure out, if ventrilo is directly causing the issue or is it my headset or is the decode process taxing my system along with the physx running on my CPU instead of my video card. Diablo 3 seems to be the only game i'm having a BSOD on, and the errors seems to vary between STOP 124, D1 and a few others.
yeah strange that these bsod's started when diablo was installed... same here i have an ati card.
I DEFINATELY think its the drm. the coincidence is too big: fine before diablo: no bsod. then diablo installed and BAM bsod, and the reason i think its the DRM is becaus the bsod's persist even when diablo is not active. I have made several support tickets but i get no support whatsoever.
Hello everyone,

I'm getting this BSOD too... It started today. I'm playing D3 since beta and was all good since last night. Today when I started the game, it just crashed on the loggon screen and a BSOD appeared. So I had to turn off and on the computer. As soon my computer restarted, I got a message from BIOS saying that my configuration was lost - F1 to load default - DEL to open config... So I had to setup the BIOS config again. My Win7x64 couldn't load well. Before it was fully loaded, it crashed and I had to load the last know good point thing to be able to use Windows again.
I checked the memory with Memory Diagnostics Tool and MemTest86+ with no problems found. Did the same with CPU and GPU using a stress test. No problem found. The temperature was normal - 38C Idle and 45C max full loaded. I tested another game as well to make sure. I could play my GW and BF3 without any problems. My Windows 7 was fine but to remove any doubts I just installed a fresh copy with all my drivers updated (as always).
It's very weird because it only started today and we didn't have any client update (as far as I know). Sometimes I get a BSOD when the game is active, sometimes I get only a crash with a distortion screen freezing the computer or even I play the game, close it normally and computer crashes and freezes a while after game close.
I have a ATI card kind old but supported by D3. It's a dual 4890 in crossfire with latest drivers. For a while a was very worried because I though that my computer got a HW problem, but now I'm sure it has no problem.
I hope Blizzard takes a look on this issue soon because now I can't play D3. I'm worried to load game again and the crash makes a more serious problem on my computer components.

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