Will this Run D3 at close to max resolution?

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PC Specs:
- 2.8 GHz AMD Quad-Core X4 630
- 22 inch LG LCD widescreen display
- 4 GB Ram DDR3
- 500 7200 rpm Hard Drive
- NVidia GeForce 8800 GTX, DVI
- DVD Burner
- Ports: Front & Rear USB, Front & Rear Audio, 15 in 1 Memory Card Reader, HDMI, DVI
- Keyboard, Logitech Mouse and Power Cables

It's posted on craigslist for 400 and I'm looking to upgrade to play D3 at a high level. Will this run both at high levels? I'm very nervous to put together a computer myself, the actual assembly part i should say. The other build I'm looking at is


Only problem is no Monitor. I do have access to Windows 7 64bit though which would probably even things out.

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. I can def hook up Fantasy Football advice lol about my only area of expertise...

PS: I haven't e-mailed the guy yet for more information or anything because I don't know what to ask if anything... lol
Well, kind of. Not very optimal though (both the craigslist PC and your list of items). AMD CPUs are not optimal for WoW, and 8800 GTX is an old hat by now.

The other build you posted is better though, as it comes with i3 and GTX 460.

Check this guide out if you want to try building your own though:
how would either comp work for d3?
The one with i3 is much better.
Ok I think I'll go with the i3 anyone know if it's good enough for max d3 settings tho? Or at least close too it
The i3 rig will run much better, as it runs on a GTX460, a better card than the 8800; still, it's an older model, but will run D3 on high settings.

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