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Demon Hunter
Alright guys I just hit 60! I will be in the process now for however long getting better equipment! My biggest concern is, I want to make sure I am spending my money for the right stats.

I know "Sharp Shooter" is our bread and butter, it makes a DH a DH. Being able to 1 shot mobs or at least chunk them so severely that they are easily finished off..(I may have just answered my own question with this statement but I just want to double check)

With that being said, do I neglect things like "Attack Speed" and "Flat Dmg" stats on items and go for strait "Dex" & "Crit Dmg" now for the time being until I can afford some of these god awful priced items that include ALL of the stats I ultimately want?
I may be the exception here, but im not using Sharpshooter and doing completely fine (solo end act3 Inferno at the moment).

My strat is using a Bow with Archery, Steady Aim and the 50% speed on smokescreen.

You should always play to the strength of your abilities, everything can be good.

If you wanna use Sharpshooter and a 2H XBow, then go for high Dex and Crit Chance/DMG where you can. Look for 900+DPS XBows with a Socket for the 70%+ CritDMG through a green gem and prefferably Attackspeed. Then try to change your Dex items for the same DEX and Attack Speed if you have the money... if you get really rich just add Crit/Vit/Resi to these items (dream ;)) and dont loose DMG with it.

My plan is full Dex / Attackspeed with a Bow and put out raw DPS very fast between kiting / getting distance and not relying on crits and the beginning burst. My plan now is the same but reverse, i will add crit chance/dmg where i can without loosing the rest and later on vit/res without loosing dmg.

I actually don't use sharpshooter. It's good for that initial burst, but I prefer having the sustained damage. I just finished Act 3 using Steady Aim, Cull the Weak, and Tactical Advantage as my passives. To me TA is our most useful passive... I can't imagine not having my smoke screen be a sprint, it's ridiculously helpful. So that said, my opinion:

- Flat damage sucks late game, since the base damage on our weapons gets so high.
- Attack speed is great.
- Dex is great.
- Crit chance/damage are good to have, but secondary to dex/AS.

I bought cheap (blue quality) rings and amulet with nothing but dex and AS. I only really look for crit if I can't find attack speed, or if an item has dex/AS and crit, that's great (but those items tend to be super expensive, whereas you can get dex/AS jewelry for incredibly cheap).

Movement speed is super super helpful as well, even though it's not a damage stat. Get 12% on your boots, and see if you can find cheap legendary bracers with another 6%. It makes a huge difference in terms of being able to kite.
This is all very interesting and now I am completely torn about what I wanna do!! Lol

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