The Inferno Act 2 barrier.

Demon Hunter
I'd didn't really have too many problems in Act2, other then having to go slow at some points. My DPS is a bit lower then yours, so you should have enough to make it through reasonable well.

I think your losing DPS using ball lighting, pretty sure NT will win in dmg.

What I did in Act2, was use terrain to bottleneck elites through my caltrops (using stun rune) & spike traps while NTing the mobs, on some mobs, you can literally run in circles around a rock dropping spike traps and caltrops pretty much all day (you can save disc by line of sighting when low) ... this got me through 80-90% of the elite combos I saw, there are always a few that seemed more trouble then they are worth (shielded minions + fast ... especially if the terrain is wide open).

One nice thing about the stun rune, is for the snakes you can stand in the middle of it, and right as the snake invisible graphic gets inside it you can SS or run out and they will go for your follower, the 2 secs is about enough to nuke them down.

I'm using this right now!YTe!acZacc
You really shouldn't be hit by anything unless it jumps at you with no warning/projectiles.

At first I thought it was impossible (and all along the way, when I'm in act 1 I thought butcher fan hook was impossible to dodge, act 2 I thought snakes and huntresses leaps were impossible, act 3 I was crying over soul rippers and phase beasts, act 4 I banged my head on corrupt angel charges, aspect of terror pops and izual novas).

However, now going back to act 1/2, I put on my old 600 dps bow and noticed how I wasn't being hit by anything. Mortar/waller used to be my worst enemy - now they seem like a walk in the park. It's not about the dps - for whatever reason I am actually able to dodge stuff better.

Still rolling around with 11k hp
Thanks for the feedback guys. I've decided i'll just skip act 2 and see how act 3 treats me.

As for skill build, ive decided to change
1) mark of death for caltrops (torturous ground)
2) use NT instead of lightning bolt.

Any comments?
Thanks for the feedback guys. I've decided i'll just skip act 2 and see how act 3 treats me.

As for skill build, ive decided to change
1) mark of death for caltrops (torturous ground)
2) use NT instead of lightning bolt.

Any comments?
If you are want progression instead of valor stacked farming, I suggest going through the first parts of act 3 with frost arrow instead. NT is too slow and aoe is too narrow for the massive amounts of weak hp enemies at the beginning of act 3.
Im grinding for my monk so basically im stacking valor and farming.
servers are up. was wondering if anyone is kind enough to give me a waypoint in act3 inferno? cheers :D
05/31/2012 06:28 AMPosted by NathanL
but If I can't even kill act 2 elites, wouldnt I get **%@d in act 3? :S

Just from what I heard, the individual types of mobs in Act two have specific mechanics that makes them harder like invisi-snakes or the lakuni hopper things. I hear people complain about certain mobs in Act three and four but two seems to be the wall for lots of people. The other thing is the good gear you need to complete Act two drops in Act three. You may have noticed but the gear from Act one and two are just awful. Getting zero upgrades in Act two is lame and makes me want to get out of it ASAP. The reason Act three will be better in that respect is that the Act three gear on the AH is expensive, at least a lot more than the Act two gear. This will allow me to gear up faster either by equipping or AHing stuff.
05/31/2012 07:19 AMPosted by Nakeddave
My skillset:

Here is my build:!YTe!acZZYZ

Hungering Arrow is fine. Could replace your rune with Puncturing Arrow but that is just my preference.

You should be using Nether Tentacle and not Lightning Bolts.

You dont even have a rune on Marked for Death. I would advise not even using this ability but it is up to you, replace it with Caltrops or Vault.

Bat, thats fine.

SS/prep thats also fine. I run with Lingering Fog and the disc regen runes but it is up to your play style what you use.

Switch out Tactical Advantage for SS or Cull the weak (if you use caltrops).

Act 2 is notoriously hard due to mob mechanics creating additional difficulty. Keep on kiting and skipping packs that you dont feel are worth your time, or simply buy some act 3/4 Quests / WP.

Hope this helps.

Good build, but Devouring does slightly more DPS and you shouldn't be using sharpshooter when you have gear good enough for Act 2. No point unless somehow you are kiting so badly you can only get one shot off at a time.

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