Inferno Progression Is Primarily Gear Based

Unless you are using some crazy high DPS glass cannon weapon throw build, the gear check in this game for barbs is primarily based on your resistances and armor. If you have the proper gear, any build works in this game. Barbs are not broken, they are just fine. The imbalance lies in that ranged classes can progress more easily and faster then melee classes, but once you meet the reqiured gear check for the area then the barb is on par with all the other classes.

I am currently on act 3 and have been using a 2 handed weapon through all of inferno. Here is my suggestions for minimum resistances for each act.

Act 1 0-300 300+ ideal

Act 2 300-600 600+ ideal

Act 3 600-900 900+ ideal

Act 4 900-1200 1200+ ideal

You also need to have high armor and a decent health pool. Most of the armor I buy from the AH is loaded with resistances and +armor. Sword and board is NOT required, it just makes progressing easier since you can add to your resistance/armor gearcheck whereas you cannot with a 2 hander or dual wielding. If you are finding the content too hard, it is because your gear is not up to par. This is a gear based game.
Herein lies the key to beating inferno. Almost any build works as long as you have the right gear.

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