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I understand that magic find did not contribute to the rolling of stats on items in Diablo, Diablo 2, or LOD.

However, would magic find in Diablo 3, contribute to getting higher stats.
(Higher stats being higher numbers.)

Lets say you have 0% mf
Originally an item get a + cold damage stat that can add from +10-100 cold damage
(The item has a random chance of getting a stat which adds a random amount between 10 and 100 of cold damage)

Now lets say you have 50% mf
Would the mf contribute to higher statistics being rolled on the item?
So it would look something like +15-100 cold damage?

Additionally, how are stats calculated statistically?
What are the chances that a specific stat will be rolled, and then how do you calculate whether that will be a high end or low end stat?

Anyone know how this works?
I think it increases the rate at which it drops, but not the numbers. I would like to know the answer to this as well.
This was answered at the reddit AMAA a few days ago.

Question: In Diablo 2, from my understanding, magic find took the base item of a predetermined loot table, and gave you a higher chance of rolling a higher quality version of that item. In Diablo 3, this no longer seems to be the case and with loot tables being so vast now, magic find seems almost too arbitrary, it just doesn’t feel like it’s worth it. Could you explain exactly how magic find affects item drops in Diablo 3, as a lot of people seem to be unsure how the mechanic has changed from Diablo 2?

Answer: (Jay): The mechanic is exactly the same as Diablo 2, and as you describe it hear.

And the loot tables are not more vast than D2 because we don't allow items to drop below level 50 in Inferno.

which would actually mean that you were incorrect about MF in D2.

TL:DR, magic find lets you find better items. not more of them. NV has a hidden mechanic that also helps you find more on top of better items from bosses.
This is based purely on my experiences farming with or without magic find gear on, but it seems that the MF increase pushes whatever item would have dropped either way into a more advanced version itself.

For instance, with 150+ mf , I get tons of (junk) rares with 5-6-7 affixes, without the mf (just 75% from neph valor) I rarely get more than 4 affixes.

I don't see much of any differences with the number of drops I get - probably a higher yellow / blue ratio with the mf gear on. The quality of the base item doesn't change, act 1 inferno gear is still almost all vendor / salvage trash even when I'm over 200% mf with stacks and all my mf gear (which has bad stats and makes farming a chore.)
It may seem like you get better items with a high magic find because you get "more" items so your chances of getting a better item are increased, through sheer numbers.

NV does have a thing in it where if you fight a boss with 5 stacks he will drop no less than 2 rares, that is a given and they are changing this to one rare btw in 1.0.3 No big deal.
As elites with get a rare too upon 5 stacks.

but the drop rate on bosses is 2-4 even without stacks the boss can still drop 4 yellows.

if you are farming for hours and hours a high MF is the way to go as you will amass many items and sure there could be a few gems in your pile of treasures.

a low magic find just means you either have to get lucky or farm longer.

either or its about the same

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