HC Demon Hunters - Some Questions (lvl 60)

I was poking through the skill planner today and wanted to ask about skill builds.

For the primary attack in hell+, what do people generally prefer? I would think Hungering Arrow + Devouring Arrow/Spray of Teeth?

The reason I ask this is because Bola Shot with Imminent Doom does considerably more damage, however, the 2 second delay might be a turn off in these difficulties?

Has anyone used Bola Shot with this rune and liked it?
devouring arrow is the way to go really.

bola shot MIGHT do more damage initially, but devouring arrow MIGHT do more damage over time, especially burst/immediate damage. you dont have to wait for things to die, like you do with bola.

also devouring can be shot in the general direction, rather than target exactly on the mob. makes for a much easier time hitting when kiting.
Devo Arrows for sure. i've gotten plenty of 22k crits because of it :P . Bola shot = terrible. the delay is what kills it as a viable option in HC.

Sweet. Thank for the replies.
I prefer Devouring over Spray of Teeth and ESPECIALLY Bola. The only time I switch up to Bola is when I want to stunlock a boss with Thunderball. The problem with Spray of Teeth is that it relies on your Crit. Even when using Archery and a Hand XBow, criticals are so infrequent, that I feel the static 70% damage on pierces will trump Spray of Teeth any day. Not to mention, your pierces can pierce, snowballing the damage. Hunger/Devour is also an amazing dumbfire IE. hold shift and fire into thin air. Bola fires in a straight line and is harder to do this with.

Besides, if you are stacking crit (intentionally), you are doing something horribly wrong in HC.
Adding to the point
Hungering arrows seeks target which makes it a good shift click skill.
You dont' have to worry about targeting most of the time and be able to shoot out of sight range more accurately.

I don't see why stacking crits are not viable in HC.
I'm a hand crossbower user with high dex shield.
Passive are tactical advantage, sharpshooter and night stalker.
I rely on crits to generate discipline. Most of the time i dont have to pop preparation.
Why don't i make the crits deal more dmg?

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