needs advice on a good build

i need advice on some good barb builds im going threw it on hell and spent alot of gold gettin better gear but still when run into certain champions i get owned qq on me but i dont mind the challenge but shouldnt have to die 12 times to kill them so please if some of my fellow barb brothers or sisters could give some advice id appreciate it alot much love
This build I used through most of nightmare and hell and it made life easier

Sword and board
Cleave - Rupture/Broad sweep (for more damage to mobs; i used broad sweep)
Seismic slam - Stagger (for Stun and ranged attack for those flies and spear chuckers)
Ground stomp - Wrenching Smash (great for pulling groups of enemies near you and its a 4 second stun)
Revenge - Vengeance is mine/Provocation (great situational damage and health recovery)
War Cry - Invigorate/Impunity (resistance is much more viable in inferno but if you dont need more resistance go with Hp bonus)
Rend - Blood Lust/ Lacerate (Go with Lacerate if can afford to not take the life gain)

Nerves of Steel - Vitality>Armor
Tough as Nails - 25% Armor Buff
Juggernaut - Defense against CC Champs and Rares(This makes most tough mobs a hell of a lot easier)

~300 dps weapon at 50 will be nice edition with a 25% block shield you can probably buy one for like about 15k each

Your damage against bosses wont be the greatest unless you have a good weapon but you will be able to take just about anything with ease.
thank you for your advice i really do apprecaite it!ZVb!aZZcac
try this one, farming inferno act 1 with it(cant start act 2 yet)

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