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Adelaide, well Barossa really. Anyways TrimpA#1242 if you want to add..
Adelaide here, Fleurieu Peninsula - Cleverist#1446

adelaide here brrrraaaa
Im adelaide! :D

please add me i wana farm inferno with someone :D

Adelaide here add me :)
Im on uni holidays so playing most weekdays and evenings (currently act 3 inferno)
Sydney, here. Currently up to Diablo on my 2h barbarian, also got an act 4 DH. Happy to smash out some Inferno with you guys.

Adelaide all the way! Add me....
I'm at A3 Inferno and looking to go all the way soon!
i am in Adelaide, playing wizard character, feel free to add juggerking#1542
Sydney player here looking for a group to run A3. I tend to run solo or with one of my WD friends. I can clear it with minimal or no deaths. Usually keeps all the way to Azmo. Kinda gets boring after a while doing it alone.

I have a quirk though...I clear the whole map, clearing all mobs, boxes, bones...everything and picking up all is gold doesn't matter where its from lol.

Feel free to add me veteran#1719
Add me - happy to help anyone progress or farm any act, especially act4 as it's a nice break from act3.
dude on pretty much all the time add if you like

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