FPS//Stutter issue With Each patch

Technical Support
Each Patch the stuttering and FPS fast drops are happening again like it did with each patch that came out in beta.

D3 was Smooth during Release, Each patch that hits is Doing something it should not be.

I even Turned off my X32 X16CSAA and X8 Supersmapleing, Still same issues. Even with VSync off -.-

Care to explain tech people?
Ya your game diablo 3 blizzard entertainment has some !@#$ty programming issues, LOW FX + Everything turned off = stop/go stutter %^-* again.
Having same problem.

Game was working fine yesterday, but this morning when i log in it seems to be locked at around 13fps. I tried reducing all video settings but it didn't change a thing.
I keep getting disconnected after awhile and my ms shoots up ridiculously then i get disconnected it was working perfect till this morning. What is going on?
exactly, so Blizzard Entertainment care to comment on your Multi-Million dollar product on these issues with patching//and FPS issues or is the moderator currently on gonna copy/paste some pre-written stuff for us? ^.^ because we know you guys dont DO !@#$ because if you did ......we wouldnt be HAVEING BETA ISSUES on RETAIL.

FPS will get so bad you wont be able to move the mouse to log in with some users.

stuttering = No more w/w +++ Melee classes effected by this become even more useless.

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