Best Place To Farm?

Demon Hunter
Pls Help hehe wanting to earn 1m to buy UBBER weapons
a4 inferno silver span place.

People who aren't masochists that delight in getting !@#$ed by invisible mobs usually use a bug to gain access to act 3/4 of inferno and just grind chests tough.

By Best I mean a route that you could repeat again and again for MAXIMUM PROFIT and In minimum time.
easy get 200%gold find+ or keep upgrading till u get it use ferrets that will increase ur gold find +70% or ur base gold find but its gonna take a couple minuts to increase to maximun then do machines of war bellistae till siegebreaker boss on nightmare and ull get about 60k every run for me it was 14mins as a dh using multishot+ hatred reduction,preparation+hatred recover, ferrets for gold find, EA+tentacles for bosses, the other skill is up to you i used chakram shield, i did 1.2m in 5hours, this is for ppl that cant farm items in inferno.

I am assuming you are using vengeance for this. I was doing this to help some friends level up and it is stupid fast. one thing that I really missed when I did this however and something that i would really recommend everyone who is going to be farming gold in this way is to ensure you have a couple items with increased gold/health globe pick up range.

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