Recommended Stats for Act 2 Inferno?

Demon Hunter
At what point does inferno become reasonable to play? Looking for a rough DPS, Life, Resistances estimate.
I had 30k hp and 32k dps without ss when I finished Act 2 alone.
I scrapped all resistance armor and pretty much anything but focused on dps. All you have to do is time your invis and pray you dont roll ridiculous elites.
You don't need 900 AR and 8k armor to prevent one shots from Act 2. I have 40k HP and AR in the 200's with 3k Armor and I don't get one shot in Act 2. The only time I do get one shot is from Mortars or Incinerators but you should be kiting those anyways and therefore they should never hit you.

Blizzard is considering making damage less spikey in Inferno so a defensive built might be viable. It's their philosophy to make all builds viable in inferno so hold them to it and do whatever you want.
A DH needs at least 1 hit point and 12k damage to solo act 2.
I just solo act 2 inferno with 70k DPS and 8k health. Just use SS and caltrops and you should be fine. You will die alot and waste some money repairing but don`t give up! Took me about 5 hours to finish act 2.
I solo Act 2 and rarely die unless I'm facing a tough Elite Pack. I don't even skip stuff, I clear entire areas because I know I could take a hit or two. You're not going to be effectively farming later acts if you're planning to be a glass canon. You lose too much money on repairs hoping that a high dps item drops to make up for all the money you've lost. If it's blizzard's plan to make only glass canons viable for DH then they have failed on their mission statement.
I'll be brutally honest. I just got passed act 2 only to realize I changed my items to get through it and ended up with 9k HP and 70k dps(with SS). I farmed for a week, and still ended up getting 2 shotted by everything and 1 shotted by mortar elites. Not to mention nothing you can do about Damage Reflect elites. I ended up dying, but so did most of the mobs. I say force the issue and just get to act 3. Better drops there. Really quite stupid to try and gear up in act 2. I also would like to point out I've not bought anything in the auction house.

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