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The rise if the Necromancer!! Lol seriously i want it back!
1.a character that uses whip
2.knight that can wield polearm single handed, and ride a horse around
3.dwarf class
4.ability to summon tiger, elephant or hippopotamus , re-animate the fallen monsters
5.morph into a three head beast
6.samurai/ninja class
7.i missed necromancer
09/02/2012 03:42 AMPosted by Freakshow
they said they wont be having expansions and that any new content will just be patched in
no they said the contrary
A Ninja : someone who is not heroic at all (just want to survive), who do one shot speed kill like a sniper, who have great dexterity (can use walls to do some acrobatics for example) and who didn't like companions (templar above all)... but it's a bit close of the DH.

An anti-hero (a daemon?) or an angel (a dark-angel?).
Who cares about an expansion when the current game is still in beta?
The professor - efficient at schooling those demons!
Samurai are going to make a come back (lore wise). We will see a stance based rune system with quick attacks and counter style defense.

The biggest hint for me in this is the eastern style swords and Mempo of Twilight.
Warrior -> Barbarian/Paladin(power)
Rogue -> Amazon/Assassin -> Demon Hunter(ranged)
Necromancer -> Witch Doctor(summon)
Sorcerer -> Wizard(magic)
I doubt there would be another class that would be very different from the existing class.

Although I would love a kind of:
- Ninja.
- Priest.
- Vampire.
the soul shifter!
his ressource, soul essence. the soul of every dead automatically go into his soul container ( like the aura redemption in d2 but instead giving life it give soul to the character) the soul points captured never degenerate and never resplenish alone... he need to kill!
he could tranform into aspect created with the soul of the deads... he would be a dark character that decided to side with the good after doing jobs for evil and being betrayed... it would be a melee character using soul to power his ability ... he could have a some sort of corpse explosion when killing things and very dark power like when killing a enemy with some kind of abilities, it would curse every enemy in the radius... and other thing like that, lots of aoe and bloody skills.

I know the witch doctor already have some kind of ability using souls but the soul shifter would not use it the same way :P

edit: nice on PVM but on PVP... I dont think it will be good cause he need kill to gain his ressource but anyway... its just an idea!
the chronomancer...
the unknown child of one powerfull unknown member of the horadrims...
time is his ressource... he use the time he have to bend the space controlling his enemy with great talent... he can make black hole and work with dark matter to confuse his enemy and destroy them ... his skill would look like optical illusion to the eye! immagine a powerfull matter ball where we can see the immage of the enemy dying on the surface of the ball before it happens and then when it hit the enemy it would be sucked into the ball and if not dead, be spitted away after the ball have finish his job... power where he could split the ground in half with a kind of optical illusion tu confuse the enemy and make them attack themself... he can select a target and make it older for 30 second dealing less damage and be slower or thing like that ... it would be nice
Lacuni Assassin. Fast melee - rather like the Assassin in D2.
Redeemed Goatman shaman for ranged.
The Archaelogist

He uses a whip, a gun and always avoids death and gets the girl.
The Archaelogist

He uses a whip, a gun and always avoids death and gets the girl.

Takes 300% damage from snakes.
Well let's see what's used up.
Ranged Dex: DH (evil)
Melee Dex: Monk (holy)
Melee Str: Barb (neutral-good)
Ranged Int: Wiz (neutral-good, mayhap chaotic in a sense, refer to lore)
Summoner: WD (good but uses voodoo magic)

The only class I don't really see is the second STR class (barbs use up all str items in the market), or a strictly melee int class (however 3 int classes pushes it).
Or maybe a summoner that has a different feel, instead of voodoo/jungle.
A fully tested and balanced character would be nice....
An Assassin as defined in Assassins Creed, the video game. The Assassin would be dark, secretive and shadowy. Up close he's like Jason Statham, cold, dark and knowing.
New Class for next expansion: The Developer. As special warrior with a 100 % Dodge and 100% Block rate, able to deflect all incoming Damage and impervious to mind spells. Works best with no magic gear at all and chipping away at monsters health with 0.025 weapon damage over a period of 120 seconds. (60 seconds cooldown)

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