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Hi. Last night I was playing the game with no issues whatsoever, this morning I go to log in and it says that it needs to download a patch and that it will close and apply the patch automatically. However when I click OK the game closes and nothing happens. When I open the launcher it even says "Game is up to date"

pls respond
Same Problem here right now..
I've been playing smoothly last night but this morning this says

"A new patch is available for Diablo 3. I patched it then, the game will close and upload the new patch but Diablo will says it up to date. I can't login to any of the servers..
same problem i have try reinstall the game and is the same problem...
I have waited 3h .... and is not optimized...
sumone pls save us !
yep same here
wonder when they gona fix this
+1 more here...
8 hrs maintenance, and nothing was fixed... good job Blizzard.
i too am affected by this
they need to merge all these threads, and fix this issue. are the update servers just not live? why no blue post? someone needs to put this on twitter.
Just out of curiosity, has everyone checked their language settings in the game AND I was having this issue with the last patch; my game language settings were fine, but my settings were not. To check your settings, do the following:

1.) Navigate to in your browser
2.) Login
3.) On the menu bar, go to Games & Codes then Download Game Clients
4.) Scroll down to Diablo 3
5.) Click Change English (EU) and change it to English (US).
6.) Click Save
7.) Try logging into Diablo 3
Same problem
Nope didn't help for me Odiruol v.v sadu.. i've got the same problem though, where i try to log in it says it needs update.. it tries to update but then says already running.. and shuts down.. >.< then it says it's already up to date... Rinse and repeat.
Did you verify your in-game settings? Both the region and the language. For some reason my in-game language flipped to french, and I definitely do not speak french. ;)
I'm having the same problem. I verified my language settings.
Thanks ! Got my game to patch.
05/31/2012 05:51 PMPosted by Haruken
Thanks ! Got my game to patch.

Glad it worked. I went into more detail on this post for anyone interested:

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