Diablo NM/ suffering of an occasional gamer

Demon Hunter
I've been trying (and failing) to kill diablo in NM for 5 days now (the farthest I went was the end of has second phase) and I really don't know what to do.
I tried every combination I could imagine (defensive, offensive, just crazy) and it didn't work.
I also tried to go in public games. but only one party from the 12-15 I joined reached diablo and we failed too.
My problem is that I have a lot to do in RL and I cant play more than 45min-1h a day. This has been so in the last years and I could finish every challenge in all the games I played sooner or later. In Diablo 3 I have the feeling that I won't be able to do this. I know that the game is getting harder and I cant see myself soloing hell/inferno (again I can't join parties for a long time and it wouldn't be fair for the other players to leave).
I think that problem is that a solo occasional player cant find gear (no time for valour, not enough money) to master the game. I'm now lvl 52 and I have a 132 dam blue bow. its the best ranged weapon I've found. The best item I've found is 182 rare staff. In the reports before the release it was always stated the occasional gamers wouldn't be disadvantaged (or at least not this much) but for me I can't confirm it.

I played D1, D2 (was a mod in a fan pager for 3 years) and hundreds of other games as solo/occasional player and I never had this feeling that a game is too hard for me to finish it.

btw I know I could ask someone in general chat to help me, but this would only delay the problem and again usually I finished every game I started.

It is not a crying thread, It is just my current situation. If anyone has any tips, I'm more than happy to try them. In the mean while my lvl 10 witch doctor is also fun to play.
I had the same problem with my Wizard. The key here is, truly, the auction house. For 5k gold I doubled my weapon's damage and then some. (Hint : Search equipment, weapons, whatever kind you want, put buyout to maximum of 5k, and search for some time.)

Also, Diablo has a set attack pattern, like all other bosses. Keep moving. As a Demon Hunter, that is especially important.
A link to the builds you primarily used would be helpful

Also, Diablo is probably the hardest Act boss simply because the speed of his projectiles and indication animations are pretty quick. Anyway, staying at a distance from him while keeping your health high is always good practice. And when he starts casting the bone prison, just kinda run in an arc around him and keep firing.

Have you tried searching the AH for a better weapon?
If you're already 52 it shouldn't be too hard. Try http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#acgXTV!eaT!YaYZZb and you should be able to do it.

Edit: Also, try searching for max level 60 weapons with reduced level requirement by 8 and you'll be able to get insane dps weapons for your level
I just beat Diablo on NM last night and it was pretty easy.
Basically, my build was:

This build takes me about 5-ish minutes to kill Diablo and the key is to be patient.

I also had about 11k hp and around 4k dmg

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