Legendary Sets/Items for Wizards?

I've geared my Wizard with Rare (Yellow) level 59-60 items while my Monk buddy has bought a few set items that are good for him.

Today I perused the AH for legendary items and to be honest, NONE of them appeal to me.

Wizardspike? Azurewrath? Pitiful damage at level 60.

As far as the sets go, I haven't found one that appeals to me.

I am hoping I missed one and you'll know the perfect set for Wizards!

What are the set option/options for Wizards?

Are there single (Orange) legendarys that would be ideal for a Wizard?

Is there a decent Legendary weapon out there with over 850 damage at least?

Thank you for your input!

Zunimassa and Demon set bonuses look okay, but the items with the decent stats/substats cost a fortune each. Most of them are junk. On almost all of them I lose 100 INT.
Wanna screenshot your gear?
Working my way to 60 and need some help gear wise.
Legendaries are garbage for the most part in my experience. Use them to look cool I guess, but I've found most rares have better stats, 99.9% of the time.

There's a few nice legendaries out there, if you get lucky with RNG. Of course they'll cost you your life.
I use Inna's Glory set pants: 79 vit, 1% crit chance, but mostly for 15% IAS (once they fix it) and 7% move speed.

I also use String of Ears belt: 60 int, 82 life on hit, 15 all resist, 10% less melee damage.

I plan to get Lacuni Prowlers bracers, again for IAS and move speed.

There are rares available with better int/vit for each of these slots but it's hard to overstate how important 25% move speed is (and IAS and life on hit, but mostly move speed).
A well rolled oculus is ridiculous.

I like Tal Rasha's set personally, but have to get a good roll on it, the belt sometimes comes with wiz bonus and sometimes with barb, so gotta keep an eye on that, but pretty decent set as far as damage goes.
dying for a real wizard sets. Tal Rasha's is just... well, blah. the items are good, just the set bonuses almost makes you want to just go all yellows. I have to spend 120+M gold on items that aren't set items nor legendaries because they aren't upgrades? hah
Head: Storm Crow, Tal, Twillight.
Chest: Tal, Zuni, Tyrael.
Feet: Zuni, Ice Climber.
Sources: Triumvirate, Oculus, Chantoo.
Belt: Witching.
Bracer: Lacuni.

To name a few. There are many more like echoing fury or skorn based on your personal preference. Check out profiles of the top wizards, most of their gears are unreachable but you get the idea what legend they are using.
I'm a big fan of my legendaries. My Slorak's Madness has a high base crit dmg, increased CC for energy twister (helps my procs), good dps, high intel. The legendary proc of laughing after I die is completely stupid compared to other lendary procs... but that's not what I needed anyways. I picked mine up for 6 mil.

My Oculus source is awesome with high CC, int, dmg, and drops my teleport cooldown which cannot be found in yellow items.

Triumvirate sources gives you more dps than any yellow source you can find, especially if you are running a high dmg black weapon.

I love my storm crow helm for wizards... can't beat having LoH, APoC, +ele dmg, int, vit, and socket for a helm. You can also find one with CC random roll.

Chantodo's set is an attack speed's best friend.

Zunimassa's Boots and Chest (Trail and Marrow) are the best you can find... you pair those up and get 12% movement speed, awesome Int, Vit, AR + the bonus 7-8% ele damage from the boots.

Just a few options.
It's hard to beat an LS Skorn for archon mode. You can top it for DPS, but that 6% cap on LS is sweeeeet.
Look at date of original post.....
The Occulus...
Good god! I gotta get me one of them!
Um Kinimi...?

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