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Just finished the series about 2 weeks ago. Looking forward to this season on HBO. That quick glance of Dondarrion and the Hound going at it and Brienne in the bear pit has me giddy.
Who is your favourite?
The fourth book had some of my favorite parts in the series. Jaime is the most interesting character and my own favorite, and I never thought I would say that until I got to the fourth book.
ima plan on buying the books next week
I literally just finished reading the fifth book last night. I've been enthralled (ironborn pun?) by the series since I picked it up a couple months ago and have been reading a couple chapters on my kindle every night.

There have been like 15 times where I finish a chapter and go "WHAAAAAAAT?"

I think George RR Martin does a great job weaving all the stories together, even when you haven't heard back from a character in a couple chapters.

I agree that I was a bit disappoint in how book 4 was laid out, but was overall happy with how book 5 resolved some of that "But what about all the other characters?" I was having.

Overall it's a great series. If you're an avid reader and can stand reading for hours on end and committing to reading like 4,500 pages in 5 books, then pick them up!

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