Diablo 3 is unplayable-error 3007

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I tried using the ipconfig /flushdns command and it was useless. I'm not saying don't waste your time, but don't get your hopes up.
Ok, I beat the first difficulty with my DH and played halph way through the second. Now I keep getting this stupid error. What is going on?
So many post with this now, still no blue response???

And YES, i have the same problems.
Still having this issue. Since launch I get disconnected with error 3007 within an hour of gameplay. I have never been able to play more than an hour without getting an error 3007 disconnect.
I get the same, it may last an hour or 2 but when it goes it will be mid-combat at a latency of around 230. My theory is that the check is done through the same connection as the chat is done. There is nothing to show you what your connection to this server is like and you won't notice chat messages not coming through, meanwhile the game runs perfectly fine until boom you are disconnected by the game. I've lost count of how many hours of gameplay this error has cost me, how many extra hours of research and changes I've made to my system following recommendations, and the error still remains. How can I be losing a connection to the server while everything is running fine and my latency is usually rock solid around 230 ms. Atleast blizzard let us keep our NV stacks if we return within 15 minutes of being dc'd...it's your servers kicking us, why should we be the ones getting punished.
Wrote a little program last night that /who every 1 minute to see if it would still get this error. Today I tested it, the program was running flawlessly when suddenly once again 3007 error mid-combat, latency bar was green. I never get dc'd from starcraft 2 or warcraft but this game is another story. About the only thing left for me to try is replacing my router and I'm not willing to replace a sub 12 month old router for a game when it runs every other game perfectly fine. I am considering trying one more time and resetting the /who time to 15 seconds just to see if it makes any difference at all.
really blizz is zzz .. what a @$#%^% . really till now no responding. its been 1 week plus since
Diablo III Hotfixes - August (Updated 8/22) it started this issue. im not playing till they make new update
I too, am constantly getting error 3007. I've only been playing for 6 days, but the first 5 were error 3007 free. Frustrating when I have to repeat the beginning-of-the-game dungeons (like the 4th floor of the cathedral) over, and over, and over again.
My program I wrote above seemed to work well. In a party I was able to get it to post every 15 seconds just a simple "." into party chat, playing for 3 hours last night without an issue. It used to be that you could send to party chat even when you played alone but blizzard in their infinite wisdom decided to remove that so I tried "/who" into one of the channels every 15 seconds. That seemed to also work but I didn't like that sometimes it wouldn't get the / in and would sometimes send "?WHO" to the channel, annoying for people in the channel if I'm doing that every 15 seconds... I've tried whispering myself but blizzard stopped that too so I'm not sure what to do now. I can't play this game solo without it dcing me if I don't keep active in the chat. Getting pretty bloody disgusted that such a simple issue isn't being fixed, we shouldn't be getting kicked while still actively playing the game and we shouldn't have to spam chat or our party to keep ourselves connected.
I made another change today and grabbed my old netcomm nb6plus4 modem from the cupboard, running it in the place of my tp-link td8810. I set up the ports with triggering the same as I'd done in the tp-link and upgraded its firmware, that was all. The result was no more dc's all day with 2 full act 3 inferno farming runs. I did get one dc tonight but my connection seemed to cut out for a second completely as I was on ventrilo and lost that too so not convinced it was Diablo playing up. So for anyone dcing in the game with 3007 trying a different router may be worth a try. That may be no help for the people getting 3007 before they've even logged in unfortunately.

I did also idle in the chat channels but I didn't post to them at all.
06/19/2012 04:45 PMPosted by Mulattorus
I am having this exact same problem. I cant play the game for more than 5-10 minutes at a time if I'm lucky.....total waste of 60 bucks....

I am having the exact same problem. I can´t play the game for more than 5 minutes.

Now i a having error 3006 on logon.

Geez...never happened before patch 1.04 and none of these problems with SC2.
Cant even log in, stuck on authenticating credentials, all ports are forwarded and this is getting very ridiculous, where are the blues?
lol now im getting error 3006, stupid
have the same problem since updating to 1.04. every 10-15 minutes game throws me out saying error 3007. lost connection. WTF!
I wont be playng this f**n game till Blizz do smth, thats enough for me!
new to the game.. frustrating to say the least with the installer staying at 0% and this error 3007 once i finally got game installed.. however i got it working.. you have to bypass startup services altogether (and then weed out the bad ones if u like, but i just disable all each time i play)

Press Windows Key + R
Type msconfig
Click OK
In the General tab:

Choose Selective Startup

Disable (uncheck) Load startup items
Go to the Services tab
Check Hide all Microsoft Services
Click Disable all
Click OK
Click Restart
After a week of testing with my old modem I haven't had a single 3007, and that is with farming runs of up to 4 hours duration. For anyone that was in a similar situation to me, everything blizzard recommended was only a bandaid and you are still dcing at random intervals while playing (not the people that are dcing when trying to sign in sorry). I recommend trying a different modem. It seems that someone has dropped the ball somewhere and this game doesn't play nicely with some modems so if you have a spare or can loan one give it a go and see how you go with it. I swapped my new TP-Link TD-8810 for my old Netcomm NB6plus4 and haven't looked back. I hope this is helpful to some people as there is very little help being offered otherwise.
i am having this problem since 2 days when i dont know what stupid patch came out and since then error 3007 every 20 minutes...
i too have been getting these issues. error3007 n> mind you i was playing hardcore with my monk and it frooze on me. soo i turned the com off and on. then logged back in again and went to use my hd monk and thx too the lagg freeze, the monk is now dead. i dont even know if the lagg and freeze had something to do with the error 3007 or what? but it hurts too loose a hardcore hero over an issue the game keeps having. pls fix so i can play this cool game with no issue's! and not die in the heat of battle!

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