Lower FPS after patching

Mac Technical Support
Hey Mac Community,

We've notice that there are reports of lower FPS after patching. We'd like to provide some additional troubleshooting steps to help resolve the issue and investigate further.

Below you will find some additional troubleshooting steps that have been known to help restore loss FPS after patching.

Reset System Management Controller (SMC)
  • Resetting the SMC will reset the voltage going to your graphic card and other components. SMC can be altered due to events on the Mac like overheating, physical damage, bad software updates, etc.

  • Reset PRAM
  • Resetting the PRAM helps clear out your disk cache and VRAM for your Mac. This has been known to help restore any performance on your Mac.

  • Rebuild the Diablo III Cache
      1. Navigate to /Applications/Diablo III/Data_D3/PC/MPQs and delete the Cache folder.
      2. Then, navigate to Users/Shared/Battle.net/Agent and delete the Agent.db file.
      3. Run the Diablo III Launcher and let the game update it's files.
      4. Press Play when you see Game is up to date

    Repair Disk Permissions and Repair Disk
  • Repairing Disk Permissions and Repair Disk can resolve many hiccups that can be caused by improper permission and HDD issues.

  • Additional, here are some other helpful tips that can help with FPS loss.

    Unplug any USB headsets (9400M users)
  • There is a known hardware issue where using a USB headset on 9400M Macs can greatly degrade performance for any game, including Diablo III. Unplugging the USB headset can restore performance.

  • Restart your Mac
  • There has been reports of lower performance after waking a Mac up from sleep mode. Reboot your computer to clear your computer’s memory, then reattempt login.

  • Set Graphic Card Performance (Select MacBook Pros)

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