Gold/Item Farming

I am in desperate need of GOLD and ITEMS to gear for Inferno.

What is the best run/place for me to farm in HELL?


Act. 3 or Act 4? and which part.
Azmodan and 1st mini boss in Act4. Rinse and repeat. Fast, easy, lots of gold, lots of blues.
Do you sell your blues?? Typically I just vendor them...

Do you get to 5 neph stacks before Azmo? Neph stacks don't carry over from act to act though right?
its pretty good (if you sell to vendor) run last quest from act 4 from its start (ie not just straight from D's door)
Repetitious farming of the first mini boss in Act4 can net pretty nice returns if u do em fast enough.
by the first mini boss do u mean iztaku or something like that with all those shades?
The gold rewards got nerfed on that stuff. It's not worth doing anymore. It's only worth your time at all do get a full set of gold find and go on nightmare and clear enemies and destructables. The bosses are not worth time.
cleaning act3 from balistas to azmodan on hell give ~100k gold, maybe a little more
Act 1 Inferno: Sarkoth and the Blacksmith's wife.
need gold to buy "real" upgrades from the AH lol

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