Error 31070 / 0 items in stash

Bug Report
I am having this problem with the AH and after looking around for similar posts, I found out it's been around for at least a week. I got this error 2 days ago and whatever I try, I can't get the AH to work.

I know the AH is bugged as hell but everytime blizzard speak of known issues, they say nothing about this 31070 / you can only have 0 items in your stash. I would really like to know if you are working on this and if you know what caused this error to happen in the first place.

I think blizzard should at least say they are looking at it or ask for more information from players having this bug. I could add that I got this error after using the hardcore AH and that I can still use the hc AH. Only have the bug on the softcore AH.
Have the same error. I think that we have 10 items for sell, but it isn't registering. I know for a fact that I put 10 items up a day ago (none of which have sold) even though it's showing 9.

Here is my question: Did this get beta tested, or did it go through a QA process? Twelve solid years in the software industry has given me a distinct impression that the usual QA department looks at spreadsheets and charts of things completely unrelated to actual real bugs.

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