Demon Hunter
Is that even a question?

Cause I dont get it. lol
What does it mean in Diablo terms im confused.
If (that's if I think this is wat you are asking) you are asking about "stacking" Nephelim (sp) Valor, it means to kill more elite/champion untill you have 5 of it.

"Stacking" in gaming terms usually means to "stack" a buff or debuff over and over to get the max potential of it.

"Stacking DEX" for more dmg
"Stacking VIT" for more HP etctc

If this doesnt explain it, pls do put "stacking" in a sentance that you are unsure of cause a single word isnt very informative as to the answer you wish to seek from it.
Yeah that explains it thanks, some people made it seem like they were stacking skills or some ish, got me ALLL confused.

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