Framerate issues, would changing my CPU fix?

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Hey hey, so I'm playing D3 on an 8 year old computer with an upgraded GPU, but nothing else.

I don't mind playing stuff on low textures, low/no shadows, etc. I do want to run it at 1080p if possible, with a good constant framerate.

As of right now, my framerate dips to 10-15 when things get hectic, especially in act 3 in public. Solo play can be fine, although things may get choppy a little bit...

Here are my computer specs:
-Dell XPS 600 (with a 650w PSU), on XP
-Intel Pentium D 830 (3.00Ghz)
-2 Gb DDR-2
-GeForce GTS 250 MSI card OC`d with Afterburner (not had the black screen issues some have been reporting with this card)
-Dedicated sound card (SB Audigy 2ZS)

So... this being said, is my CPU the probable culprit for my poor framerate, or is it simply that the GTS 250 can`t handle 1080p? I DID try to lower the resolution a little bit, but things were still choppy in multiplayer.

I was looking to change my CPU/Motherboard (and get 4Gb of compatible DDR-3 RAM) if it improves framerates for D3. I can get a decent CPU/Mobo combo for 110$ and RAM for 20$ (it's a Pentium G630). I was planing to build a new computer next year, so I just want a temporary upgrade, and since I'll be giving this current computer to my parents, this isn't so much of a waste for me, as they won't have to buy a new computer for years to come. I would also upgrade to Windows 7 since I'm eligible for student pricing.
Yeah, Pentium D is old, and is based on atrocious NetBurst architecture.
You would be better off with a new PC.

While GTS 250 is somewhat of a poor graphics card, it should be enough to run D3 at 1080p.

So yes, rest of your system is a huge bottleneck.

Note that Intel will release new CPU and new socket lineup that won't be compatible with the current one, so do not build a new Intel-based system with expectation of upgrading it to a newer CPU only later.
Thanks for the quick response!

Ideally, yes, I would get a new computer, but my old folks will need a new computer soon (still running with an old 2001 computer), and by upgrading the CPU, I figure my current XPS could last them for another 5-10 years. So for around 200$, getting them a decent running computer with Windows 7 is pretty much ideal for me.

Saves them from buying a new one, and hold me off until I can build my new rig (time and college restraints).

EDIT: No, this would most likely be the final upgrade before I give it away to my parents, so I'll get whichever can run D3 fine, and that`s it... Is a G630 enough for D3 at 1080p?
Let me get this right: You want to upgrade the current machine, then give it to the old folks once you are ready to build the new rig?

Double check if your Dell case can hold standard motherboard (ATX/microATX) before you begin.

You will need, as you mentioned:

Motherboard (H61 will do fine)
and RAM

It'll certainly work.

And yes, G630 is sufficient.
Yup, exactly!

Thanks again for the help!

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