Minor Tweak Suggestion for Barbarian Skill

After playing approximately 150 hours of Diablo 3, I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with Blizzard's latest addition to the franchise. The game is great, and I can only think of a few tiny things here and there that I would change to improve it.

Having just got a barbarian to level 60, I decided to start experimenting with my skill set. I landed on one that I particularly enjoy that includes Frenzy with the Sidearm rune as my primary skill. Here's my one little gripe:

Frenzy doesn't sound powerful. After grinding through thousands of demons and hellspawn, I came to expect the satisfying sound of a barbarian's weapon cleaving through enemies. However, Frenzy just does not have the same audible satisfaction as the other barbarian primary skills. When I hit an enemy with it, I want to hear the gruesome smash or thunk of steel meeting flesh. What I instead here is the sound of my mace slicing through thin air.

This even translates to me not knowing whether or not I actually hit my target. I rely on visual cues, i.e. the health bar, alone. All things considered, I still love the barbarian; however, I feel like the class would be significantly improved with this one small tweak.

TL;DR - Attacking with Frenzy feels wimpy because of it's sound. I suggest altering the sound triggered when a barbarian attacks enemies with this skill.

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