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1.03 is a step in the right direction!

Quote from one of my replies:

"If you wanna make Diablo III better, give them some positive and constructive player feedback.

Game design is an ART FORM. It's quite hard to mold a game into a players wants, a designers vision, and then please everyone.

Providing constructive feedback is like throwing them more tools to work with. Brings new and random ideas that might spark something creative.

Keep it positive and be patient. Switch to hardcore mode if you feel softcore is "beaten". The hardcore community could use more brave nephalem! (And so could the auction house!)"

Diablo III's item system is so simplistic, it leaves no desire for you to actually farm for end game items because the end game items are merely any item, with just a few more stats. (Which is very reminiscent of an MMORPG, namely, World of Warcraft, which I played for 6 years. I played WoW for X reasons and I played Diablo 2 for Y reasons. It just feels like Diablo III carries to much from WoW and this is a Diablo title, doesn't work for me.)

This sums up my feelings exactly. I keep playing the game hoping it will get better rather than accepting that it sucks. But the more I think about it it, the more I feel like the game really sucks.
I totally agree with you 100% here Raserei. The item system is so simplistic, it's not even fun getting newer items. Like you said for Inferno, it's basically a requirement. I would LOVE to see some of the flavor from Diablo 2. We are not looking for another Diablo 2 nor are we looking for a step BACK from Diablo 2. What we are looking for is the game that surpasses Diablo 2. We want DIABLO 3 an epic spin-off from Diabo 2. Just like what Diablo 2 did surpassing Diablo 1. This is such a far step back from what we were all expecting. It has such a far level of dumbing down, I'm literally insulted by it. PLEASE listen to what we want. Please add some FUN to items, some FLAVOR and some personality!!
STOP COMPAREING D3 to D2LOD.... D2 didnt have runewords and half the stuff your flailing about... !@#$ and go play another game... and wait for a expantion to add stuff... durrrrrr.
Well guys, diablo 2 u could have a hdin with 15k dmg in 1 week n be invulnerable.
THAT WAS FREAKING BORING 1 week u end everything.

but in diablo 3 u can't and that why I like this game.

But yeah they clearly copy diablo 2 and just make it bad
I wish the creator of this post was on the development team, maybe he could remind them what Diablo is supposed to be. I myself couldnt put my finger on it but after reading this I realize that I hate this game even more.
While I think many of the things Diablo 3 borrowed from WoW have been improvements, I wholeheartedly agree with the OP's analysis of the item mechanics. Bring back the Diablo 2 style items, where you had dozens of potential stats on any given item, it made the game vastly more fun, enjoyable, and re-playable.
i played d2 and diablo one and i expected it to be fun get great items and we have to get specific gear with specific stats to do it yes high res in d2 was needed 50+ every area or you might be squishy or absorb in that area you were weak on. and the buffet of items there were auras or special abilitys that made it nice and fun i want that ohh that is nice lets see if i can get one of those.. and mf actually was a stat worth having here ehh not so much dosent affect your chance getting a ledgenday or set and if you do its next to worthless.. i was so excited when my first ledgendary dropped just to id it and see it was worth more to slavage it then sell or use it
diablo 2 had rune words from the word go... they werent as good as uniques were or sets most the time but they filled in for lvling or until you got the unique.. besides if we dont tell them what we want and what makes the game great keeps people coming back to the game then they will not advance the game. we will be stuck with a game we are starting to hate and in future will not play
i completely agree with this post hope the developers/creators look at this post and get some ideas!
it's just getting harder and harder to stand behind blizzard... when i opened the strat guide and looked at the list of legendary items within a few pages i thought... really? this can't be it. sad that i put all this money into upgrading my pc for d3 and it's already losing flavor. :(
developers should look at the job that was done on d2, upgrade it and implement it on d3
I agree with the OP on this thread. Guess there was a reason you get D2 and LOD in the soulstone in CE. Its so you can go back to basics.

I so want this D3 to succeed but find many issues. My one problem is my isp is flaky so I get bounced or lag/die within 3 or 4 minutes in games nowdays. I sometimes get lucky and can reach a new checkpoint. I always die with a lag freeze in the middle of a crowd and then come back to being dead so in Inferno its gonna cost me alot every 4 minutes to play.

But a couple items I haven't seen addressed is that I don't feel like I'm finding different types of monsters. It seem like its the same few with different map backgrounds. I don't feel like anything is new in dungeons as even though the path might change somewhat that the entire path is funneled. The linear aspect is not hidden like it was in D2. Many of the area's are so scripted the monsters and props do the same thing everytime. Going up the trail to King Leoric's castle you find the exact same traps the exact same 3 goats jumping out everytime you play. The same trees coming alive I don't even have any expectations of change. I remember reading about how each time you played D3 that it would be different and exciting and alot of side quests would pop up and you would have an entire change in game play.

Nope non of that. I find a plan or a legendary and its ....oh look finally I can sell something...but no its only good for blacksmith so I can get inferno craft item. Set items ...what are those I've only played 300 hours I haven't seen one of those......guess its cause I haven't built a wizard to do act 4 inferno yet.

I like the styles of some of the items and have fun dressing up but then I can't wear what I like looking at cause I need the drab thing with dex. Dyes well lets see I think about 20 types and its 4 colors with slight different shades of each and hard to even see difference in most.

Don't know about you but everytime I am in Act 4 the map is the same. I know exactly where to run until I get to Izual.

And PLEASE put a few more Siege Breakers those big guys in the game maybe a pack of them that bite your head off. I want more giant monsters and not just fighting heads like Belial... Must of taken a whole week to design that scenerio.

Trying to stay positive but not easy. Maybe Blizz will let go with patent and let third company design a D4 Meridian type people or something. Give us some loot I'm didn't buy a game for recycling.......I sell or salvage 99%

Last request Give me some room I use 9 charactors and 3 pages of stash for my Monk and stuff the auction with items and still have no room. I'm not buying a second account for muling. yes I am a packrat
I agree completely with all of this. It's absolute bull!@#$ that they would mess up the fundamentally most fun part about Diablo 2. Now I'm just leveling to see what level 60 would be like, but then I keep reading posts on how impossible it is to play the Witch Doctor on Inferno. Thanks Blizz! You suck.
i agree on everything you say here. But remember. A lot of this stuff was not there on D2 release. A lot of it came from huge patches/expansion. Maybe I'm just being optimistic, but I do think these "fun" stats, competitive farming are still on the way.

On that note.... In a way doesn't it seem like they had these patches lined up along time ago? As if these were preset ideas(I've never seen this many large nerfs/ huge patches within a short period of time on ANY game.).... something tells me the big wigs up top made them rush this game out so they can make the cash... Anyways, i still enjoy this game... but from a competitive gamer's POV I can see why some of this stuff can be frustrating.
I think Blizzard should just take down diablo 3, rethink their decissions and revamp diablo 2 exactly how it was but with better graphics and then I would be happy to play this game, I happened to log into diablo 2 today and saw my barb who actually has the wepon you mention as item #1 just thought that was funny :P
You know....guys...what makes you think all these suggestion, critique and stuff will be read by our beloved developer?

The only thing they'll read is....

"Nice new [class name] build"

and they'll read read read, oh nice, nerfing time
Great post, I agree with the principle here - items need to be interesting... not better, just more interesting.

Also, despite many replies, I think the intention here is to inform future development - not flame the devs. I like this game, and I want to keep liking it, so when future changes or expansions come I hope they include this sort of thing.

I think much of the reduction in item variability came to make the game more accessible, which I understand. The thing is that we're only really talking about the high level items (60+), and adding a few interesting stats to these is unlikely to boggle too many newcomers.
OMG! So much love from me @ these ideas, really miss the venon nova effect at my D2 barb, now i see myself playing as a monk that's struggling to pay the repais costs because of arcane orbs...
Remember killing cows with all these CtH effects? The EPICNESS was something not possibly to describe, really hoping to see these changes, because all of this is true, the "end game boreness" is a latent feeling, if I'm sure, this was what BLIZZARD DIDN'T want right?

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